Naim nds a few for sale

Noticed a good few nds’ s up for sale curious as to why? Moving to ndx2? or is that a side step

here we go…

Can of worms?

Yes, there are some real bargains around if you don’t require the latest functionality. A fantastic player still.

It’s old tech. Prone to screen failures and Tidal drop-outs. Doesn’t have the versatility of modern internet streaming without additional boxes and work arounds.

Well, mine never drops out. It sounds sublime. I made it Roon-ready with a script you can download to your computer for free. Screen is black but will be changed at the cost of 129£


Isn’t it inevitable that a proportion of people will sell, increasingly so as a model ages, with newer models coming out out, some with better features and/ir better sound quality?maybe especially so where once so ething was the flagship and now surpassed?

Naim’s very business model appears to be partly based on encouraging people to move on and up (and not alone in that)



Be interesting to find out what there moving too … sure nds is still a good player in fact very good if you don’t need too many functions

For me, the only suitable upgrade path, as I have a 555 PSU is a ND555.
Which is a very expensive step, and as I already have Roon playback on my NDS through a SonoreUPnP bridge, what additional functionality does a ND555 offer? Same DAC chipset in the NDS and ND555, same brass isolation of the analogue stage etc.
Plus Roon on the NDS sounds superb. No Tidal dropout with support for Tidal Masters, MQA, Qobuz, FLAC based internet Radio


I was late to the party and held on to my CDS3/555PS until a couple of years ago and that time the new streamers were out.

I attended 1 of the roadshow’s that did a comparison between the NDS and ND555 but was so totally blown away by a 500 system with NDS, I ended up getting a mint condition NDS for a bargain price and shortly after a used 500 and now have that sound!

Yes, will eventually end up with a ND555 or it’s successor or maybe another manufactory but the NDS is still a great player!


How do you find the nds compared to the cds3

When I initially replaced the CDS3 with the NDS it was only marginally better but when I replaced the Hi-Line with SL and bought a Cisco Switch and a decent Ethernet cable it was considerable better.

The CDS3 was plug and play and the NDS just needs a little more attention to setup but once setup it’s very stable.


When I attended a ND555 demo (when they were first out) they played a NDS paired with twin 555ps
I sat in awe and thought…naim must be pretty confident in the ND555 to play us this first…how can this be bettered ?
Well the ND555 did better it …in every way (though I won’t say to what degree)
But i had to have an NDS…as value for money (used) it is unbeatable

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I have the CDS3 with XPS2 and the NDS with 555 PS, hiline and Cisco switch. The NDS perhaps has the edge. But the CDS3 is a fantastic player and brings something else to the party.

I can highly recommend the NDS and in terms of value for money is an amazing player.

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For the £2500 price tag these have right now, they are a bargin really, shows how things soon moves on in this world.
But as someone above said, stick roon into it and bypass the streamer restrictions and treat it as a dac only, that is if you like roon and willing to pay for it obviously.

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I thought it was nearer £300 - have things changed?

I think there has recently been a change, yes, to do a fix of the screen fir a reduced price

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It’s the distributer in Sweden who is comparatively inexpensive changing screen on the NDS.

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Yes, it appears that Naim plans it that way, IB. And as @Lucifer says, I’ve never had a dropout, my screen is perfect, and I love the way I can control the screen with the remote, and it sounds sublime thru my meager SN2, and big ol’ Kef R107’s.
I really can’t believe how good even iradio and MP3s sound thu it. Tidal and the Nas, are are another step up again.
We don’t get Qobuz in Canada (bit of an outpost, don’t ya know), so it does everything I need, and the pre-owned prices are excellent. At some point I’ll add an ND5 XS2 to it.
And people need to set the screen timeout to the lowest 10 second setting.