Naim NDS

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if the transition from ndx to nds is a remarkable upgrade, in terms of sound, thanks for the answers

Simo, I’ve edited your post. Please note that discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment (which includes non-Naim power supplies) is strictly forbidden here.

A pretty picky friend of mine with a medium/ high end Naim system has just home trialled an NDS in place of his NDX and gone for it. He told me it was much better in all sorts of respects, but maybe not quite up to his fully loaded LP12/Lyra system.


thanks, already the ndx is great to my ears, it sounds like cdx2, i’m very curious to hear it in my system with sn2 and hicapdr, with what power supply oes it work?

The NDX and NDS can use the same power supplies, XP5XS, XPS or 555PS. The difference being that with the NDS you have to use an external one, as unlike the NDX, it has no internal PS.

Even powered with an XPS DR the difference is very significant, so much more musical, more refined, all the good stuff.

I made this change almost a year ago and a couple of weeks ago upgraded the power supply to a 555 DR. Similar improvement again, really pleased. I cannot see another source upgrade is on the horizon for a long time.

If you have a suitable power supply the NDS is a bargain upgrade. I waited until I found one that had come back from Naim following a display upgrade and service.

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thanks ,
I found one for about 3000 euros, but unfortunately I have no power supply xps / 555, they are very expensive, so I was wondering if it is possible to use another

It’s possible, but not recommended. There’s a reason why it’s considered an unauthorised modification to the equipment, which at best will not give you the intended performance, will void any warranty from Naim, and at worst may damage the Naim equipment. As such any discussion of non-Naim power supplies on here is strictly forbidden under forum rules.

You can also use the XP5xs, but it’s not ideal. One option is a non DR 555, which you could have serviced and upgraded later. I’d suggest that if a properly powered NDS is out of budget you may be better with an NDX.

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ok i got it, i have the ndx, i was just asking how to improve it, maybe adding another dac?

An XPS DR is a useful upgrade, a 555 more so, then you are on the pathway to an NDS later on.

Alternatively an NDX2 might be worthwhile. I considered this but wanted better performance, hence the NDS route but you do lose out on the new platform features.

As the NDX can use the same PSUs as the NDS, adding a power supply now is a move that you might find useful in the long term. Adding an external DAC is a popular alternative that many have used. The NDAC and various Chord DACs are popular choices, but there are many more out there.

Thanks to everyone

I put a 555PSDR on an NDX for a few months earlier this year, through 52/SC/135s into B&W804S. It was a very significant upgrade, everything just felt more real. The bare NDX was a very good streamer, with the PSU bass tightened, was better controlled, and the mid/top end was markedly improved, female vocals became markedly clearer and more “human”. The NDX alone makes great music tho’, so if you’re happy with it no need to spend.

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That’s according to my ears/system/room. Your’s may vary.

In my view it is very much the spiritual successor to the CDS3. Easy to listen to, natural sounding and very detailed. Better still, it’s now available at a bargain price used.

Trust your ears. Don’t trust anyone else’s.


I beg to differ an NDS even powered by a XP5 XS is an amazing source.

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NDS is wonderful - when I auditioned it and it had to go back, it felt as if someone took away my music (when I had to revert to NDX, powered by 555PS).

Adding an nDAC to NDX is a good upgrade. But again, to get the best out the nDAC you will need an external NAIM power supply.

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Is also workin with a xp5 xs?

FWIW - I had a bare NDX for a year and loved it with my SN2, thought it was fantastic. Then went NDX 2 and thought that was a wonderful upgrade. Then six months latter had an XPS DR on loan from the dealer, about 10 days latter ordered one. The bottom line is the NAIM power supply is a significant upgrade from my own experience as others have already mentioned.

I would recommend adding the XPS DR to your current NDX, hopefully you have a dealer that can provide a demonstration unit, and I believe you will be happy.

Good luck with your decision and have fun along the way…


I have a NDS and a CDS3 plus XP5 XS and a XPS DR and regularly swap power supplies and often forget which is on which . I’d take a NDS with XP5 XS over NDX with XPS DR any day of the week