Naim NDX 2 Power button flashing

Hello all,

My NDX 2 became unresponsive today. The power button was pulsing and the display lit when I pressed it but it wouldn’t do anything. The app couldn’t find it on the network and the remote control just stayed black.
It wouldn’t re-boot so I had to unplug it from the mains. It came back to life on re-plugging although the remote stayed black and unresponsive until I reinserted the batteries. Now everything seems to be fine. It’s running the 3.5 firmware.
Does anyone know what the pulsing power button indicates?

Thank you for your help.

Is your burndy plug on the back nice and tight? Might be worth taking off/on.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have a separate power supply for the NDX 2, so I’m only using the burndy link plug but yes, that’s tight.

I do know that if the plug is not fitted and the mains lead is in i.e. not using a separate PSU, that power light flashes.

That’s useful to know. It appears to be behaving now. The batteries were low on the remote so I’ve changed those - the motion sensor is working better since that, although I’d be surprised if that was linked to the problem.
I did remove and reinsert the burndy link plug, just to be sure, but it seemed fine.

Reckon it could have been that plug.

I’ve just bought an NDX 2, brought it home, set everything up, and powered it up.

I’m unable to get past the blinking light on the power button.

What does the blinking green light mean? I see the NDX is assigned an IP address so it is on the network.

I’ve powered off and on many times, still nogo.

Any suggestions?


I did notice that, on the recent firmware upgrade to 3.5.1, my NDX2 showed that blinking power button and nothing else at the beginning of the upgrade.
You can tell if there’s an upgrade waiting by looking at the room icon for your NDX2 on the app. There would be a small downward arrow in the top left hand corner.
Try just leaving it flashing for 15 minutes or so. See what happens.

Two things that may be worth checking based on similar reports in other threads on the forum:

  1. Did you pair the remote with the streamer?
  2. Assuming you are not using an external power supply with your NDX2 have you made sure the rubber blanking plug is securely seated on the burndy socket at the back for an external psu?

If you have done those things I’m out of ideas I’m afraid.

Ha! I didn’t even notice the advice I was referring to was actually higher up in this thread. You have probably seen it already. Apologies.

Thanks for all the replies.

The burndy plug wasn’t attached. Once that was in place it booted up.

I probably don’t need to mention that I’m a newbie.

Thanks again guys.

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