Naim NDX adding Qobuz capability

Hi I am looking at adding Qobuz capability to my current NDX by using the new Wiim Pro, utilising the NDX on board DAC. Has anyone tried this yet? Any thoughts on sound quality etc
I currently use Tidal HiFi for streaming, which does sound superb. Cheers

I use a Primare NP5 into my NDX using SPDIF; slightly smoother sound than native UPnP and brilliant with Qobuz

Hi, not quite the same as your question, but I use a Wiim Mini as a way of getting Qobuz into my 272, using SP/DIF, and have been very pleased with the results. It is good for up to 24/192, and the sound quality is excellent using the 272 on-board DAC. My only quibble is that the Wiim app only presents Qobuz favourites in date added order rather than allowing an alphabetical sort.

I have the impression that the streaming board in the Pro is essentially the same as that in the MIni.


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Thank you, I will look at this option.

I have no experience of Wiim, but if you want to try Qobuz you may be able to do it with no additional hardware if you already have a computer or NAS on your network. Run BubbleUPnP server on it, and it can stream any combination of Tidal, Qobuz and locally stored music. This uses the streaming board in your NDX rather than bypassing it. I found sound quality to be very good, better than Tidal through the Naim app.


Or MconnectHD on an iPad, works very well for me and super cheap!

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The Wiim Pro does a good job over here, not using its built in DAC. SPDIF works just fine.

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I was looking at maybe using the optical cable into the NDX. Not sure if there are any benefits with that, over the SP/DIF option. Either way upgrading the streamer part using the NDX dac, does seem a cost effective way of improving things.

Top tip - look for a used Mk1 NP5 - half new price and sound and operate the same (bar MQA unpack if that’s important). Just a change of sample rate converter chip supplier for Mk2 version.


Naim generally optimise their electrical SPDIF inputs for best performance, so you may be better off using that rather than optical, but either will work fine.

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Thanks Chris

Cheers mate

What is an NP5?

Primare NP5 streamer transport

No, never heard of it…!

Well trust me it exists; Google is your friend

Sure, I expect it does exist. Lots of stuff no one ever heard of exists.

Ok we’ll you asked what it was so I gave you an answer!!

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Ifi Zen Stream.

Just add a better power supply. An easy peasy low cost way to add new functionality to a streamer.

Hi, I have just taken delivery of the NP5, may I ask what Coax you use, I have ordered an Audioquest Silver Reference spiff coax as a starting point. Cheers