Naim NDX and ND5 xs support

I’m thinking of picking one of these up used. Will they continue to be supported via firmware, etc?

Supported with fixes, etc, is more likely. Upgraded with new features that make it to the new generation of streamers, less likely.

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Naim have a reputation for excellent long term support of legacy product.
And as an NDX owner since 2014, and having the pleasure of working on the fringes helping out with beta testing, I have obsolete confidence in assuring you the current software is rock solid. It’s not able to ‘match’ the new platform features, but what it does, it does very well.


@MidwestNaim totally agree with @Mike-B

I am delighted with my 2014 NDX, keep the firmware update and away you go, I am not minded to change anytime soon to NDX2, I only use NDX for IRADIO or UpNP files, which I have on NAS and use Asset

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bingo. It’s a totally underrated source. Reading the forum you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not up to mustard and the new ones make it sound broken.

But it very capable when fed by stable UPnP.

Was that obsoletely intentional?

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Doh !!! … I expect you’ve guessed its that darn auto speel cheeker (again), absolutely should be banned. It might also help if I took care to proof read before hitting the ‘Reply’ button.

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Your spell checker is developinmg a sense of homour.

Technical told me the old range won’t be supported any more and was one of the reasons I moved to the NDX2 recently.

Thats a misunderstanding, not supported does not mean its been abandoned, it just means they are not continuing with hard/software development.


Thanks for the answers so far. I assume b mi oth are stable streaming Tidal? I have a bluesound node 2 and would like to upgrade my streamer. I just want it to be stable and not completely DOA for streaming. I have ripped all my cds to FLAC but don’t really access them because Tidal is so easy.

Tidal can be unreliable for some users on the old streamers because of the small buffer which was really designed with local streaming from a NAS in mind. Naim spent a lot of time optimising the firmware to cope with this, and some people, myself included, did not experience problems, but others did.
You can help by ensuring that your own network is set up well, preferably using wired Ethernet, but the latency issue may lie in anywhere in the connection back from your ISP to Tidal’s servers.

I find the NDX to be reliable and excellent sounding on both internal streaming and Tidal. No problems with Tidal except the very occasional dropouts from the Internet side, nothing to do with the equipment. Sometimes the Naim app, if left on pause for a long time, forgets where it was paused and stops playing the chosen album.

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