Naim NDX DIN and RCA Outputs

Hello All. Greetings
I just bought Naim NDX to connect with my Nait XS2. I am thinking to use DIN connection from NDX to Nait XS2. I have spare of Roksan Amp and thinking to use RCA connection from NDX.

Is it ok to connect both DIN & RCA outputs to different amplifier? But at time, I will be using either one not both together .

Thanks in Advance.!

Yes but you can only activate one output at a time. You need to switch between in the menu.

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If like the ndx5xs2 you can select both outputs together… Can’t see its a problem.
Assuming however you are using different speakers for each amp.

If you select both outputs simultaneously, sound quality will suffer.

I wonder if there would be grounding issues with two cables connected at the same time.

Yes, I would try to avoid having it connected to two different systems at the same time as I would imagine it may well impact performance of at least one or maybe both.

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