Naim ndx error no sound

my Naim ndx buy from 2018,last week some time while i listen music it’s no sound,I try to tune off Power and tune on its has sound normal,but yesterday its has silent,i try to reset all setting but its has no soud,i try output bnc coxial to another dac its has sound

Check you have the correct output selected, either RCA or DIN (whatever output you normally use to connect to your amp). Also check the Burndy link plug is firmly in place.

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Have you checked whether there’s output on either DIN or RCA Phono? You’ll need to switch between them (don’t run both together as it sounds worse this way).

I have seting analog output is din+phono

Try cycling the outputs.

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Is analogue output enabled?

Analog output is enable.din+phono

And have you tried switching the outputs off and on again? And another power cycle?

And now My Naim ndx had silent althought i try to tune on tune off

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