Naim NDX or Naim ND5 XS

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I am using Naim Nait XS2 and unitiqute2 as a streamer. Thinking of upgrading to Streamer.

Due to budget constraints, I am going with Pre-owned models. I am seeing prices are little closer for NDX and ND5 XS.

Which one is best to go? In future I’m planning to upgrade Supernait 2.

Thanks in Advance

The NDX is much the better unit and was a lot more expensive than the ND5XS when new. The main thing to check when buying new is that the display isn’t starting to get dim because once that happens they fade fast and it’s quite an expensive repair back in Salisbury.



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I have owned both and the NDX is the better unit.

How are you going to use it? Will you be adding a NAS and streaming your ripped CD’s. Do you plan on using streaming services? These units only support Spotify and TIDAL and do not support Qobuz. Both units had issues with the buffer not being large enough and break up of stream could occur with hi-res tracks.

A lot of discussion regarding the products using the search feature here and on the older archived forum.

If you are comfortable with the price and know the limitations you can listen to some great music using these streamers. You just have to know that the technology is not the latest and it will have limitations.

Good luck with your decision.

I have just got an ndx (in a second system) and had nd5xs in my main system a few years ago. The nd5xs didn’t seem as “musical” to me As the ndx is and the ndx (I bought it new old stock for a silly cheap price) with an ex dem supernait 3 has only been running here for less than a week so it should continue to get better with time There is a limitation with not being able to access Qobuz direct but I mostly stream from ripped CDs anyway so not a big deal (esp as I Still haven’t got round to getting any hi quality streaming service subscribed to yet…

I have at most 100CDs, vinyl is my love, and my CD player, MF Nu-Vista was hardly used. So I traded in my CD player and Nat 05 tuner for a pre owned ND5 XS and matching PSU. I did not want to spend the extra on a NDX, so I could purchase more vinyl. I have found the ND5 to be as good as if not better than my old CD player when playing ripped CDs from my NAS. I listen to the radio lot all day and find, for me, the ND5 to be a more open sound than my old Nat 05. I have no intention of subscribing to a streaming service. So for me I am more than happy with my ND5 and the SQ.

Go for the NDX. At used prices it’s not that much more expensive than the ND5 and it really is a better sounding streamer.

Thank you…!

Thanks for the info…!

Qobuz is not available in my location. 50% of songs in Tidal and Another 50% in NAS. I should be good with NDX.

I am also considering NDX over ND5. Down the line, I will upgrade Supernait. So NDX will be better choice. Thanks

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Thank you…! Yes NDX :grinning:

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