Naim NDX support 88.2khz sample rate?

Hello all.

Due to a software update I’ve had to review my setup. I use Logitech Media Server to stream to my NDX via UPnP.

I have a 24 bit 88.2khz (SACD?) rip of Dark Side of the Moon and although it will play on my Logitech Touch it will not play on the NAIM NDX. The NDX specs indicate that it should.

Should it?

Thanks for any help.

It does. Not a problem. I have loads of 24bit 88.2Khz albums.

You might have to be more specific about the file format and how it is being sent to the NDX and the exact error shown.

Thanks. I am sending it as Flac via UPnP. No error is shown. It just does not play. It plays fine to the Touch but that uses the native SlimProto and not UPnP. If the NDX supports it (which I thought it would, otherwise I imagine it’d not be able to play SACDs!) then the issue must be with either UPnP or the new software update (UPnP Bridge plugin for LMS).

I have tried with a Chromecast Audio into the Naim now too, and although this time the file plays, it sounds really weird. I guess the new (Chromecast/UPnP) software bridges are the issue.

Try Wav format instead of Flac.

What UPnP server?

I would question the nature of the RIP, especially if the source may have been SACD

Thanks for the replies.

The rip is fine. I’ve looked at the tech and also it plays perfectly on the Logitech Touch.

The UPnP server is Logitech Media Centre. It serves up all other birrates I can throw at it (inc 24/192) so I don’t think it’s LMS.

I can’t use wav (and don’t want to due to lack of metadata) as I’m running the NDX wirelessly and the max I can push through it is 24/96… higher than that and I get wireless drop outs (esp if my son is online gaming). BTW. I am fine about this and I can’t run it wired.

I’m now certain it’s the new software bridge updates and am liaising with the developer.

Put the Wav file on a USB stick and put it into the NDX,you will get a much better sound.

I might try that for fun when the system is sorted… or I might not… I am normally extremely happy with my system and would rather not have that changed! :slight_smile:

No big change ,just a USB stick into the NDX.

Ha! It’s the change to my feeling of contentment I am worried about. :wink:

I see :smile:,yes it will be hard to go back from Wav on a USB stick…

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You can tell LMS to transcode to WAV see if that helps although it will make the file larger than the flac which given your wireless situation may but a bit more strain on it.

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