Naim NDX vs NDX with bluetooth

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just a quick question - is there any potential SQ improvement between NDX and NDX with bluetooth that was introduced around 2018? I guess the latter must have had its electronics updated to facilitate the bluetooth interface and I am wondering if this update might have influenced the SQ.

One more question - with a limited budget for the streamer does it make sense to buy a loved NDX or is it better to wait a bit and get ND5 XS2? I will be interfacing the streamer with NAC 202/NAPSC/HI-CAP DR/NAP200DR. 85% of my listening is streaming (Tidal, Spotify), 5% is local FLAC, and 10% is vinyl.

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Do you mean NDX vs NDX2/ND5XS2?

The NDX:

Bluetooth connectivity with aptX codec for quality audio playback

The NDX2:

Bluetooth connectivity with aptX HD codec for quality audio playback

So if this is correct, then there is an improvement if your mobile device supports AptX HD. Most somewhat modern Android phones do, but not all. However, Apple iDevices do not at all (Macbooks do)

Bluetooth is nice for casual use and it’s easy to let friends connect. However, for best-quality use, you want something else.

As for used NDX or ND5 XS2, it depends. The new streamer works better with internet streaming and is less dependent on a good internet connection. It also supports Tidal Connect from the Tidal app (and Qobuz if available in your country). Sound-wise it may well be a toss-up between the two, but I haven’t compared. As your listening is 85% Tidal/Spotify, I would probably want to go for the ND5 XS2 unless you very much want a remote.

Hi @ Suedkiez,
Thanks for your reply.

I meant NDX (without 2, the first NDX). There was a version with added bluetooth that can be found on some know auction portals.
Here is how it looks like.


Oh I see, I didn’t know that they changed something - or what.

No there was no change other than the addition of the Bluetooth module.

I had an NDX that didn’t have Bluetooth.

Still regretting selling it and the sn3 I had with it to fund main system upgrade (after going to a nova to replace it via atom I might as well have stayed put financially). But I haven’t tried an nd5xs2 so can’t help there. I did use the mconnect app to connect the ndx to qobuz though

I found the ND5XS2 to be a significant uograde on the Mk1 version, but still not up to the standard of the Mk1 NDX. In addition you have the option of a PSU upgrade with the NDX if you want to take it further.
The downside is the lack of inputs that are available on the Mk2 streamers, and this also affects sound quality in that you don’t have access to Qobuz 24 bit material, or native support for some of the better iRadio stations for example.

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