Naim NDX won't play playlists


I have a Naim NDX and Uniti with non-Naim Power supplies and CDS3, 282 pre and 300 power amp. When I first used the NDX it would play the play lists I created. Then it ceased to do that - it would not play. However, if I selected a track within the playlist and clicked on the 3 dots pertaining to that track it would only play it and if I selected another track on the play list and chose “Queue Next” it would play it. Essentially, there has been a deterioration over a year in functionality. I purchased the Uniti new and the NDX second hand. I stress that it worked well for 6 months. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A for a command centre. I would really appreciate some help here as the NAIM Dealer in Sydney is puzzled by this as well. Thanks Shaun

Hi, & sorry to hear your woes.
I presume that as you’ve contacted a dealer they have told you to do the power off(s)/resets of the NDX & app, & maybe even delete the app & reload it? Also a reset, in order, with router (& switch) NDX.
Did you ‘add’ anything to your network then it stopped functioning correctly?

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Hi Zeppo, where do you create these playlists? In the Naim app, or on your server? Or are you referring to the playQUEUE, which is not the same as a playLIST?

If there are playlists created on the Naim app, deleting the app will permanently remove the playlists.

Agreed, did have to do this myself once; ‘Screencaptured’ the playlists & redid them, laborious but solved my problem. So it was just a ‘last resort’ suggestion :relaxed:

You could have transferred them to another device to preserve them before deleting the app.

I must admit I didn’t think, from things Ive previously read, you could transfer the playlists in the app, most useful; how’s it done?

Play the playlist, so that it becomes a play queue.
Open the app on another device. You’ll see the same play queue. Save it as a new playlist.

Excellent! So simple, but didn’t think of it - plenty of playlists I wanted to transfer between ipad/iphone/tab: thank you :relaxed:
The only caveat being, for me back then & the OP, is that the app wasn’t/isn’t working. But at least now I can transfer my playlists.
Again; many thanks. :+1:

Just remember that this being a purely manual process, changes on one device will not automatically be transferred to the other; you would need to repeat the process.

Maybe getting a bit off topic here!


Sorry for the delay in replying - earlier this week I deleted the app and reloaded it and it all seems to be working now. Thanks to all who offered suggestions. Also, I did not add anything to me network.
Best wishes and thanks again.

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