Naim NDX

Hi, I have a Nac 72 Hi cap and Nap 250 preaplifier, can I insert in this system a network streamer like a Naim NDX?

Yes, the NDX has a line level analogue out, DIN-DIN cable into any of the line level inputs. I used my NDX into an 82 and a 52 before upgrading it.

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Thank you. Sorry, but in the nac 72 to which output should I connect it, tuner?

It doesn’t matter, I used to use Aux.

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Thank you very much

Sorry, I could see that my Nac 72 does not have the aux input, it only has cd, tuner, tape 1, tape 2.


Just don’t use the MM or MC input. That might blow things up.

Absolutely not, in any case phono MC is busy.

Any will do… if you have a CD player in use try a tape input.

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