Naim NDX2/555 PS DR + Accuphase

Has anyone experienced Naim NDX2/555 PS DR with Accuphase Power Amp and Preamp? I recently upgraded my system to Accuphase Dual A-250 Power Amp, and Accuphase C-3900 Preamp. For some reasons, the SQ dropped significantly. The SQ was very flat and almost had no energy to it. I would rate it 1/10, even worse than a $500 Chinese DAC. My previous system was McIntosh C1502 Tube + C2600, and the Naim NDX2/555 PS DR sounded spectacular.

I used the Naim Hi-Line Cable 5-Pin Din to dual RCA for interconnect. I read that the new Accuphase is built with fully balanced configuration extending from input to output. I wonder whether it’s because Naim connection is DIN/RCA thus it’s not quite compatible with Accuphase? I have tried to use an Adapter RCA to XLR Balance but it didn’t improve a bit (I knew it already but still wanted to try).

My only option now is to use an external DAC (Chord Dave) that has balance output and utilize the Naim NDX2 as digital transport. I felt like the 555 PS DR would be wasted if I have to go with this option. Would this be an ideal option or Should I ditch Naim completely and find another streamer/dac that supports balance output? What is your thought on Chord Dave?

My system:
Power Amp: Accuphase Class A Monophonic A-250 (dual)
Preamp: Accuphase C-3900
Speaker: Marten Mingus Quintet
Cables: Shunyata Sigma V2

My dealer quite likes the Accuphase amps, but others have said in the past they can have a soft some what uninspiring sound. I would be very wary of spending even more money without a demo. I would have thought the ndx2 would be a livelier presentation than the Chord Dave……you could end up compounding your problem. Can you call in your dealer to help?

Sorry to hear that.

May I know if you have tried RCA to RCA as a simple verification ?

Yes, try Din to phono or phono to phono. You shouldn’t connect unbalanced to balanced.

Welcome applegeekz. Just reading through your opening post, you mention that you “upgraded” your system, but instead have experienced a considerable downgrade in overall performance. When you demoed the Accuphase against your McIntosh, I assumed you used your existing source? Was it a big upgrade at the demo, but something has happened since? Just need clarification there, as it doesn’t seem to make sense at the moment. Perhaps something has broken since the initial demo when you decided the Accuphas was an upgrade.

Apart from that, the amp should be a servant to the source, and as sources go, the NDX2 with 555PS is one of the very best regardless of what amplifier you attach to it. Naim sources are widely used with many different makes of amplifier (including Accuphase, if that’s to your taste) and they invariably work very well indeed. The C-3900 has single-ended inputs and you should use those. They should work just fine, unless the unit is in some way broken. In which case it may be time to have a word with your Accuphase dealer.

The old forum had several documented cases where it was established that Naim is good. Accuphase is good. The two together are bloody awful. No synergy.

You might be better finding out which of the two you prefer and finding a match for that. Obviously Accuphase DACs work great with Accuphase amps. A friend found great results paring Accuphase with a Aqua tube DAC.

Obviously if you keep the Naim, then Naim amplification is the obvious (but not the only) choice.

I have an ND555 with two 555DR power supplies. I connect using Din/Rca SL interconnect to my Accuphase C-2850 and Accuphase A-48. Sounds great. A lovely smooth detailed sound which I preferred over my previous 552/500 system which in comparison was a tad more ‘edgy’.
Nothing wrong with a Naim/Accuphase pairing. Both are top quality performers and in my experience work very well together.


Further to above I should say, as Richard has pointed out, that the Accuphase pre has both single ended and balanced inputs. The Naim streamer connects to the single ended RCA inputs. The Accuphase pre and power amp connect via balanced XLR cables. Make sure you do not select the balanced input on the pre and that you have set the gain settings correctly on the both the Accuphase pre and power amps.

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In my search for a new CD player I tried the Accuphase 480? With supernait 2 and discovered a warm,revealing sound. The Flatcapped CD5x sounded,to my ears,a little clouded after reverting
There were other reasons why the Accuphase was not purchased.
The search goes on …perhaps Bryston BDc3 has the answer. Naim certainly doesn’t Abandoned on a mountain of cds.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Whatever i choose it will have to be purchased on trust.
I am not able to travel to far and as the Accuphase was the only ‘high end’ CD player carried by the local hemporium I am somewhat stumped.

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