Naim NDX2 to Mark Levinson 5805--Best Interconnect Options

I have have the new Naim NDX2 and am trying out the new Mark Levinson 5805 integrated amplifier. I cannot afford Naim preamp/amps that have enough power for my old Audio Acoustics 7b speakers.
I have three interconnect options with the ML 5805: 1) digital to digital, 2) RCA to RCA, and, 3) wondering about a Naim DIN to left & right XLR cable and brand recommendation. I’ve tried the first two. I’ve searched the forums and I think I’ve read that DIN to XLR may be best but am not sure I’ve read about DIN to left/right XLR.
Many thanks!

Why not din to rca? It’s the way I connect my nds to a non Naim pre.


Don’t bother with XLR unless both ends use it or you have no choice (which isn’t the case here).

FR is correct, DIN-RCA would be the way to go. RCA-RCA if you already have a decent interconnect and don’t want to spend any more.

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I believe the XLR analogue inputs on the Mark Levison amp are ‘balanced’ so it would be appropriate to use the phono RCA connectors at the Amp end as the naim source is single ended out, (or un-balanced). Naim suggest that the Din output from their sources is preferred over the RCA although I note they provided both. So you could go Din to RCA or RCA to RCA.

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I have also balanced imputs on my pre but use single rca to din of my nds.

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Thank you all. One more question–Have any of you observed perceptible sound quality gains in Super Lumina DIN-RCA vs Hi-Line DIN-RCA?

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