Naim NDX2 upgrade

Hi all,

I’m currently debating upgrading to the NDX2 from my current UNITIQUTE 2 configured routes just be a transport and a V1 dac that is just being used as a dac.

Anyway, I’m not sure about the advantages of the NSX2 over the ND5X2 or even buying a non Naim transport for use with the V1.

Many thanks for all the advise

Since this is only a debate:
I’d sell the UQ2 and V1 dac and replace it with a NDX2 for the best SQ. If you can afford it, and or plan on in the future going up the Naim chain (adding a PowerSupply to the Streamer etc) this is ideal. (Really does depend on the rest of your system etc)

If price is an issue I’d still sell the UQ2 and V1 dac and happily live with the ND5XS2(It’s what I own). It’s fantastic and an improvement of your current setup as well. You can’t add a (PowerSupply to the Streamer) which works for me.

Welcome to the community, I’m sure you will hear lots of opinions but its fun and you’ll be better informed in no time.

A UQ2 and a NDX2 are very different.
Have you considered a Uniti Atom for example which is roughly the current equivalent of the UQ2 but significantly better and with support for more streaming sources.
If you are thinking of going the route of seperate components you have a few options.
You could update the streaming capabilities of your current UQ2 by adding something like a HifiBerry or a Allo DigiOne.
You could get a NAIT XS (2 or 3) and add an ND5 XS2
You could get a Supernait (2 or 3) and add either an ND5 XS2 or an NDX2, both the NAIT and NDX2 can support additional power supplies.
You could get a Uniti Nova which is a nice step up from the Atom with a bit more power.
A lot of what will make sense depends on how these options fit in to your overall thinking and budget.
What space will the system sit in, do you have a dedicated equipment rack.
Do you have a seperate mains spur for your HiFi
What speakers do you have and will you anticipate reusing them
Need more details here really to give a meaningful answer but there will be many prepared to comment and guide you here.
I’ve owned both the ND5’s and currently own an NDX2 for reference.

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I’ve decided to demo an NSX2 next week and I suppose it’s a bit more than a debate in that I’m going to upgrade it’s a questions as to what. I’ve got Pre and power amps that were expensive and I like (although heresy) and Wilson Benesch Discoveries. I’m sure I’m not getting the most of the the Discoveries so hence let’s get the upgrade done now being my hearing falls to pieces and I can still hear the difference.

Many thanks to all for your help, I knew this was the best place for advice

For money, a bluesound node with second hand Naim Ndac is hard to beat.

Blimey my typing was rubbish earlier. Anyway the demo NDX2 arrives next week and I’ll do a test versus the qute and V1. The Qute is the only streamer I’ve ever owned and initiated I ran it as a streamer, dac and pre amp before adding the V1 and existing pre amp. Here’s the thing I’ve never been happy with my system since ditching my CD player. It’s always seemed to lack depth and richness of sound.

I’m fact I’ve been chasing a richness of sound from when I had a summer job at Wharfdale loud speakers when their reference system was an LP13, Naim amps and Lynn Isobaric speakers. Oh to be able to get that sound again

Neil, I’ve had to edit your posts to remove reference to someone who has requested that neither they nor their products be mentioned or discussed on the Naim forum. Naim do not wish to to enter into any possible dispute over this request, so have agreed to comply with the request.

No problems Richard.

I would be interested in the outcome of your demo Neil, as I have a UQ1, with Nap 100 through Spendor S5e, and thinking of either upgrading the speakers to PMC twenty5.22 ( there are some good offers around) or moving to ND5 XS2 with a Nait xs2 or 3.
Net of selling existing kit, I estimate the cost would be about £1.5k, vs £2k (buying used) So not a huge amount in it, but if I change the speakers now, I might change them again in the future if I eventually change my source.

As most would probably have a said in the first place the NSX2 is much better with a clearer sharper sound. Stereo imaginary is my favourite improvement with much better definition of the individual instruments. Listening to Chris Isaak’s wicked game is just amazing as is OK computer.

Is this £3000 better (ish) when comparing Qute and V1 prices if I was to sell is a tough one to answer, however I’m still going to but it because it’s a tough ask to go backwards now I’ve had the NDX2 in the house.

Ask your local dealer for a home loan, I found in these challenging times that they are very happy to help (in London) and maybe strike a deal on an ex demo

So what to do with the QUTE, second system I think as it’s still a nice one box bit of kit. eBay awaits for the V1

Sounds like it’s a keeper.
What is the NDX2 connected to?
No harm reusing the kit you already had as you say or if no obvious home for it, let them go and put it in to enhancing the NDX2 system further.
Also bare in mind that the NDX2 will take a while to find it’s settled in sound, I’ve had mine now for some weeks and it’s still revealing subtle changes and will likely continue to do so. Ideally as it runs in from new, leave it working even when you aren’t listening by playing Internet radio for example and having the volume down to have the components active and running in.

Have you heard this?
I bought a Node 2i last week and it did not sound at all hard to beat in my system.
It was soundly and definitively beaten by the 272/555DR as streamer.

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I heard it a long time ago. At that time I compared Bluesound to Ndac vs Unitserve/ Ndac. I found both musical.
But after I found a second hand nds and it’s another story.
I just wanted to say that for 1,5 k , a Bluesound/ Ndac is a very good combo.
You have a 272/555dr, which costs 10 times more…

If someone has only 1,5 k to spend on a source, I would consider that.

I have some amps that were made for me by an independent and they’re pretty good driving Wilson Benesch Discoveries that I love. I’m going to build a unit in the lounge and just have the NDX2 on display, it’s a pretty nice looking piece of kit, the rest of my amps and power supplies are back of a fridge ugly

You forgot that we are not worthy of posting here unless we have at least £10k to spend on hifi every year.

Why are you saying that TRL? I don’t understand. Humor?

I think like many people on here we have to make some concessions on our bits of kit. My wife loves music, likes the NDX2 and thinks the discoveries look superb.

I was in the cellar and found an Olive NAP140 id totally forgotten about so might give this and the QUTE a spin and see what it sounds like. Why not, it’s hardly like I’m heading to the pub these days

You can find ex demo or 2nd hand ND5XS2 for not much more than that, in the UK at least

Ok, in that case I agree with you.

Does she have any sisters…?