Naim newbie! Mu-so 2

Hi all,

New Mu-So 2 owner here. Fair to say I love it.

Just a couple of n00b questions to the community if you don’t mind:

  • I am multi-input user of the system (i am a budding electronic music producer) - when I use analogue (3.5mm with external DAC) & say Spotify there is a definite difference in volume level (analogue is lower) and it ‘feels’ like there is some processing going on in the background. Can anyone expand in that or I am doing something wrong? I caught the input trim section on the app last night. Still doesn’t feel quite right with vol.
  • Is there a recommended run-in period for the system, or is ‘straight out of the box’?
  • Any recommendations on a 3.5mm cable with the right capacitance, resistance and inductance for the system?
  • I am using a Meridian Explorer 2 from the laptop into the system - i am little unsure whether that is achieving anything if there is processing going on within the Mu-So. Is my assumption that I might be over-processing, correct?

Hope you can help and it is a brilliant system!

Kind regards,

I use the analogue input for a Rega P1. The volume needs turning up higher than with Qobuz or UPnP - this may be down to the Rega phono stage too.

Analogue inputs are digitised.

I guess it is down to the phono stage. When I upgraded to the Rega Aria the volume difference between the analog and digital sources on my Star pretty much disappeared.

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That’s a DAC; correct? You will benefit of course from better output - but, as you state, less so than when sending the signal to an “analog amplifier”, since the analog input is analog-to-digital processed before converted back to analog.

So you might get better result, when sending a digital SPDIF signal from laptop to the Mu-so 2, if that input is still free on the Mu-so. (I don’t know, how the DACs compare; but having just 1 in the chain should be better than having 2.)

Yes, it is a DAC and thank you for pointing out the A/D/A process chain. That been said it seems pretty pointless to carry on with that DAC in the processing chain and confirmed what I suspected. I am pretty sure there would be some degradation due to over-processing going on somewhere. Strangely enough I have come to same conclusion, one of the MacBook Pro’s has a TOSLINK output in its 3.5mm socket, i will be trying the TOSLINK input on the Mu-so and see if that works better. Many thanks Philipp.

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Thanks Kryptos - I agree, sounds like I am over-processing it as well. I’ll be comparing the TOSLINK input over the next few days and see if I have any further luck. Cheers

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Thanks Guinless - noted.

Run-in as least for ‘days’ I expect. I have a Muso QB and it took a lot of hours for it to start sounding really coherent (mostly less boom in the bass department) or improved mids. (or both). I recall I read in an older thread that Naim themselves keep them playing a whole night before shipping it to an audio show. Not sure if it was this forum.

Longer than that, pre launch there were 8 of them all playing together in sync in one of the meeting rooms next to the IT room; after 5pm it was noisy, and that was for at least 3 nights.

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