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Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my poor English.
I recently get a Naim 5si Amplifier for replacing my old Cyrus two+Psx that stopped to work. a source I use a turntable but I would like to add a Music Streamer, I’ve found a Naim NDX at (I think) a good price.
What I would like to know is, using Tidal Hifi the sound quality is good? I know NDX doesn’t support Tidal MQA and also Qobuz so my doubts are concerning the quality of Music, at 1/3 of the NDX I could buy a most recent machine. I’m very doubtful.

What’s your budget?
With a 5si amp I’d probably look outside of Naim eg the bluesound node.

I’d found a NDX with new display at 1500€, do you think is too much for my 5si?

I use Tidal with my NDX and I am very happy

Tidal Hifi is as good as a CD can be. I find it very difficult to hear any difference, with the CDs sounding a bit more transparent and offering clearer staging, providing you have an excellent CD-player. This obviously goes more for operas and classical music.
MQA is overrated, while Qobuz gets very good reviews. I cannot run the latter on my Superuniti, so I can impossibly tell you if not having Qobuz should drive you away from the NDX. But then you could still connect a streamer without DAC to the NDX.



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