Naim Nova and PMC speakers?

In one of my previous forum utterances I tempted fate and said I was not considering changing out my B&W 805S speakers but I have done just that.
So just this last Wednesday I came home with the PMC Twenty5 24’s for an extended demo, and I’m wondering what others make to this PMC/Naim combo - including other models in the PMC range or this same pairing?

My initial thoughts are various: namely,

  1. Are the PMC 25/24 too much for my smallish room (3mx4.5m)?
  2. How much burn in will they need before I can make some sensible judgement? (Ive got them for three weeks before I need to decide).
  3. There’s a lot going on in most areas of the sound presentation that wasn’t there with the B&Ws - mostly positive, but not entirely. (Burn in still needed?)

Mini ramble over.

  1. Most definitely. Even the 23s are pushing it. I used 23s in a 8x5m room and they were raising rafters with bass response. With PMCs, however big you think you need, go one or more size smaller.
  2. Rough for the furst month. You’ll want the grilles on to temper the top end. 2-3 months and they really blossom.
  3. Not really a question. Yes the PMCs and B&W have very different presentations. People choose what they prefer.

With your room and Nova, I’d be thinking about 23s or even 21s. The bass response on 22s or 24s will blow the roof off.

I had a Nova with 25.23’s in a room 5m x 4m, really nice match. Still got the 25.23’s with different set up, I like the PMC speakers. Maybe the 25.24’s are a bit too much but I’ve never heard them in my room, hopefully somebody that has them will comment

I have a Nova with twenty5.21’s in a room a bit bigger than yours and they are more than enough for a room of that size. It is a fantastic combination - real synergy. So if you are looking at floorstanders then I would have a listen to the twenty5.23’s. I think the 24’s would be too much

For that size room I agree with FZ - either 25.21s or 25.23s
I have the latter and think they’re a great speaker once the top end settles down after burn in. There are some real bargains out there at the moment on these because PMC have brought out the ‘i’ version.
PMC have great synergy with Naim. Enjoy.

I use pmc 25.26 in a room 6 by 6 metres, they work fine. I originally had them with a Nova and they worked well. Not sure how long they take to run in as I bought ex demo. Though i do remember listening to a pair being run in by my dealer…they sounded really off putting.

Thanks everyone for views so far. It seems there’s a clear consensus.

Any suggestions during my loan period for reining in the sound “avalanche” I seem to have invited into my listening room?


I use 25.23s on the end of my Nova, room 3.8mx4.3m, they work really well. They were ex-demonstration and I didn’t experience any run-in problems. I did leave them playing Internet radio quietly for the first few weeks to ensure they were fully run in.

Put the grilles on until run in. The top end takes a few months to mellow. Other than that, you just gotta go with it. If they’re ex demo though, they shouldn’t require any running in.

Grilles on, and that’s significantly brought things into a more coherent sound picture.

Any thoughts on toe-ing in by degrees or more front firing?
I’m trying it myself but the constant faffing and getting up and down isn’t great for my ageing bones!

Very slight toe in with mine works really well.

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Not as much toe in as recommended by PMC. Maybe halfway between firing straight and toed to fire a foot behind your head (PMC’s guideline). Your room will dictate it’s own preference.

Enjoy them. Once run in give them something with a but of funky slam and boogie.

Thanks folks. I’m having a ball playing tunes and tweaking the position of the speakers a little.

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