Naim Nova and Spendor A7

I’ve received the Naim Uniti Nova yesterday and the Spendor A7 speakers today and I’ve just got it going. The Spendors need time to run in, I’m told, but even so

  • Amazing sound and presence compared to the MuSo gen 2 I was using till yesterday.

  • The Nova is so unobtrusive relative to the MuSo2 - no elaborate lights on the dial and a calm black body.

  • The Spendor A7s are so small! Until you play something and close tour eyes - they sound so big!

It’s an experience I need time to get used to…


it is always good to hear someone satisfied with the reflected investment.
Out of curiosity:
Was the option for spendor the result of hearing? how do they compare with something like PMCs of the same range (25.23 ?!)
Thanks and congratulations

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Congratulations on receiving and setting up your new system!

Looking forward to your ongoing comments as everything settles down and has time to to ‘run in,’ enjoy the music…

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Nice setup. I’m also running A7s after demoing 9 other options. Lovely sounding small/mid floorstanders. Seem to work very well with Naim and I’m finding as I step up my system they have lots left to give.

Would be VERY interested to compare against the Titan 606 at three times the cost. Have a hunch they’ll stand up pretty well… just need to find a dealer that will let me home demo :wink:


Unfortunately no. With the COVID situation we’re living in a family bubble with my wife, our son and his family. Although I’m very careful with masking and distancing I’m probably the most relaxed of the four adults. So going to any new indoor location was out.

I relied on advise from people like the good folks on this forum and a few people I trust, including a nephew who used to work for a Naim dealer in Singapore. He did commend the PMCs too, but in the end it was a choice between the A4, A7 and a serious look at the Neat Xplora.

I was briefly tempted by the bundle offer at present - Nova and the Kanta 2 for a competitive price but I found the Kanga’s to be too visually noisy and distracting and I decided to go with the A7s. I’m really amazed at how small they are in reality and while setting them up I wondered “will this really do it for me?!” All doubts blown away by the actual listening experience.


Also need Pfizer or someone to hurry up with that vaccine already. Or I should go back to Singapore. Over the last few days there have been zero new local cases. A dozen or so new cases each day, mainly visitors tested and quarantined right from the airport.

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Congratulations! I almost bought the same speakers. They really do disappear most physically and sonically.
Be safe!

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