Naim Nova Factory Reset problem

Hi All,

after factory reset the nova, no any respond now.
only the power button light on front panel repeat flashing 6 > 4 > 1, seem like error code…
May I have your idea?

Thank you in advance.

I would first try switching off, removing the plug, going to have a cup of tea or a coffee, then coming back and plugging in and switching on again.

firmware 3.6 is ok so far , but I found some problems this week ( some times input no sound and dark screen on front panel) so I try update the latest firmware 3.7 couple days before.
I found another problem for it, switch off the nova (screen is dark), but when I touch the nova next day, is hot…( so I think the machine is still on condition/frozen)

that’s why I have to rest the nova to factory…

Naim will sort a new update in the next days , which will fix some bugs with the recent update.
Read it from Clare.

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