Naim Nova file supported in streaming

A question that might appear silly.
In the Naim Nova the audio formats available in streaming are the same way whether it is wired or wireless connections? Is there a qualitative difference between the streaming obtained totally wirelessly from my Qubuz / Roon Core system in Mac iOS, and the one taken from a wired connection via ethernet cable from the router to the Nova?
In a nutshell, to have the ability to listen to all types of files in high resolution is it necessary to have a wired ethernet connection or is a wireless network okay? Thank you all for your attention and sorry for my poor english language

qualitatively I think there is no difference in sound quality. But a cable connection is preferable as the buffer loading is faster

You don’t need the buffer loading to be faster because it’s a big buffer in the new platform streamers like Nova.

WiFi and Ethernet are the same for SQ providing the WiFi signal is good enough.



Thanks a lot guys!!:+1::grin:

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