Naim Nova - Grounding

The Nova has a ground switch (floating/default) I recall best to leave floating, unless connected to say a CD player (not sure) and then set to default as it grounds via the CD player (unsure).

Anyway what if I wanted to directly ground the Nova to say a grounding block, is that advisable and if so how (via one of the unused connections?)

If you don’t have a Naim CDP, set to default. If you do have a Naim CDP connected, set to floating.
I would not advise doing anything with a grounding block, Naim have carefully designed the analogue circuit (thats what the ground switch is part of) & it does not need any modifications that will compromise that design.
The case is connected to power earth (safety earth), playing with that is playing with safety.

Thanks @Mike-B, was thinking more IF done legit.

Recall back in the day when i went 15A round plugs and Hydra, then i looked into the fig 8 ground rods with watering fountain in the garden.

Ahh yes, the good old earth rod/spike. A potentially dangerous modification if your power supply is PME (Protective Multiple Earth)

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I could have said grounded to the radiator like a few crazy folk did.

Okay… educate me please. Why is earthing to your plumbing bad? Surely all points of the plumbing should be earthed… ISTR IEE regs require this - no/yes ?

100% Steve; radiators. CH pipework & all sections & parts of domestic water systems (plumbing) are required to be interconnected to each other & to a common earth that includes electrical power. Therefore the radiator is the same earth as the mains power safety earth included in the IEC320 power lead. Some folks believed audio excellence could had by having a wire from the case(s) to a CH pipe, waste of time but harmless in itself. The problems starts when the earth added earth connection is made to one or other part of the signal circuit.

There is a difference between earthing all metal plumbing in your house (good) and using the metal plumbing in your house as earthing for electrical equipment (bad).

These days plumbing often has lengths of plastic pipe in it anyway so earthing to a plumbing system is at best an uncertain business.



Thanks that was what i was about to say nearly all plastic

Indeed, using any/all plumbing as an earth is dodgy in the extreme.
That said the regs are very clear on earth bonding plastic pipe sections - it must be earth bonded at both ends.

I was about to say the same. If a section is plastic then the two metal sections have to be bonded to maintain earth continuity.

New builds use plastic throughout, only the bolier end is copper.

The appliance, tap or wherever is on the other end is still required to be bonded

I was looking at SR and Entreq blocks, both suggest grounding via a spare connection.

So what if I have a Rega RP6 connected to an Atom? Float or default?

Default - the signal negative is not grounded on Rega or any other TT. Naim CD players signal ground (-ve) is grounded.

Cheers Mike.

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