Naim Nova help

Hi guys, please I need someone to clarify a doubt for me. After an Atom and a Star I have a Nova for a week. I had a problem with a hum from the speakers which I almost solved thanks to the new 5 meter long audio cables. Now I’ve noticed that when the NOVA is turned on and the room is quiet there is a SLIGHT background noise. Is it normal?
Sorry for the stupid question, but I’m becoming paranoid and now every noise alarms me. :sweat_smile:

A slight hiss from the speakers when the Nova is operational is quite normal. It should be noticeable close to the speaker in a quiet room. You may also get a small amount of mechanical hum from the transformer in the Nova itself, again only noticeable with an ear close to the Nova and can vary depending on the mains supply.

In my silent room I hear it, also because now my ears have become hyper sensitive and I pay attention to everything :joy: The important thing is that it’s normal.

Yes, quite normal. Hope all works for you with the Nova. A nice piece of kit.

It’s the same answer you were given 10 days ago…

Is the idea that you ask the same question in the hope of getting a different answer? It’s not going to happen.

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Normal. Only lasts a few seconds!:sunglasses:

Now I asked something different :wink: