Naim Nova +Nap 250

I own a Nova and is a very good all in one, sound fantastic with My Celestion SL 700 !! I wish to try an upgrade with Nap 250 in biamp.
Can I use the Nova speakers output for the High and 250 for the bass on My Celestion SL 700?? What do you think about it?

I don’t think I’d try the nova or any naim kit in a biamp configuration…the gains aren’t really that great…but switch off the power amp section of the nova and leave it to pre amp duties with the nap 250 doing what it’s built for…weather it’s worth the outlay is another matter…If you wanted to go down(or up) the upgrade path provided by naim…why would you buy a all in one unit in the first place?
I own a superuniti but I really don’t think attaching a power amp to it is the way forward…unless I want to end up with multiple black boxes…which Isn’t really a fond proposition for me…I reckon you’ll have spent over 4k on the nova,…that’s a possible nac272 and nap 250 dr on the used market and I reckon that’s where my cash would have went if the spare cash was


Agree with above. May not be the best use of your money. I’ve not heard the SL700 speakers but had the earlier Celestion SL6 model a long time ago which I liked but were a bit light in the bass department and always sounded quite recessed. Maybe you owe it to yourself to demo some current generation speakers?

It isn’t possible to switch off the Nova power section.
With Supernait is possible to Made the same passive biamp configuration with a Nap 200.
So I ask if it possible with Nova.
I used for many years passive biamp with a Tannoy GRF and McIntosh C28 MC205 on high freq and MC2105 on the bass with great result

Well, switching off the power amp section on the superuniti is possible so I very much doubt that this feature would be omitted from the unitinova as both have pre outs for external power amps.Maybe have another check through the settings.

I don’t think it has this option, so I assume that either it leaves the amp powered up, or it automatically switches it off if it detects that it’s unused.

The Nova is amp section is always powered even with a 250 attached. No way to turn off and no automatic sensing and switching.

That’s a bit of a bummer then…Naim must have decided that their was little or no Sonic benefits in such a feature…I’m sure others might disagree.

I checked with Naim Tech, there is no facility to turn off the amp, equally no harm appeared to occur when I ran a Nova into a Nap250dr during a dealer demo. I suspect that Naim want to limit it’s all in one devices.

When driving ATC SCM40 speakers with the combination of the Nova + Nap250dr, the addition of the external amp improved the control of the speakers and for me the quality of the sound. I rate the Nova, even when used as a source/pre only.

Yes i had a Nova with 250 dr and 300 dr, performed really well, nothing to worry about the internal amp…just seems a pity its still on.

It is very desapointing you can’t switch off the amp inside the nova as it Has dedicated socket to add a power amp…

Hope it will be a New feature which will be added soon

Unless Naim get requests directly, i doubt it will ever happen, they rarely read the forum.

It seems to me that Naim want to make a clear separation between Uniti all in ones and their separates. But then it does seem odd to then provide a connection to an external amplifier!

Interesting thread, I run a Nova and Star in different systems, given what you are outlining I would firstly look at changing your speakers, if this is not satisfactory another option I would consider is sell the Nova and buy an SN2 (secondhand?) plus a new generation streamer.

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Thanks for the reply and I feel your suggestion is the right approach. Appreciate your time.

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