Naim Nova - No network connections

So as I wring every last ounce out of the Nova with the Innuos Zenith and Audiophilleo USB.

I had removed the ethernet cable, then realised the Naim app cant find a room or device, so I added WIFi.

However I think their is merit is having the Nova 100% focused on the DAC and Amplification.

So I factory reset and used an ethernet tosetup, turned off every input except the digital, removed the ethernet,I have to manually wake up the Nova before so same this way.

I doubt it made any difference, or maybe it did having the noisy WIFi off.

My question is how do I stop it trying to go into the setup screen and does the NO network traffic through the Nova have any merit?

The Nova is a network device so it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to run it with no connectivity to a network of some kind.

Perhaps it’s not a Nova you really need…

(You could try putting it back on a network, span the port on your switch you plugged it into (I believe you have a Cisco 2960) to another and use wireshark on a PC on that port to see what the Nova wants “to hear”. Then you may be able to use a Raspberry PI to simulate that with some programming, but as that would still be a network connection you may as well just plug into your standard network.which is much simpler)

At the moment for my setup the Audiophilleo into the Nova is the controller, the Nova i just power on/off.
I found yesterday setting up initially with Ethernet a power cycle has now achieved what i wanted.

I may plug the ethernet back in to either keep the Nova always on or just use server mode, then i don’t have to power on/off

Aren’t you defeating what you wanted to achieve by introducing ‘noise’ via the Ethernet cable back into the Nova ?

Only to change the system settings, then unplug.

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