Naim nova storage

Is the naim nova limited to 1tb storage or is it upgradeable go higher capacity? Also, what is the limit for external storage as i would like the convenience of a portable drive to honk up to my audison system?
I want to upgrade my hdx and have a huge cd collection. I know there’s cheaper ways to rip cds, but I’m looking for convenience.
I also don’t do steaming. I like to own my music. Besides, avr units do steaming and im not sure naim can really do much to make it sound better, as they say crap in crap out.
My thoughts were just getting the core, but what i don’t understand is why it has to be hardwired to the internet vs wifi or bluetooth.
Any other equally or better systems for the money?
Other then streaming, what am i missing if i buy the core as a standalone set up.
Main reason i want to upgrade is because i use android and i like what the newer set ups offer. Unfortunately the hdx is a little behind the times with this. I like the idea of using my waterproof tablet in the hot tub and to search, manage, and play music from a portable device.
Im sure there’s more info i could add, but this is a start.

Servers normally have wired connections because they may need to handle large file transfers when music is added, and because their physical location doesn’t matter so you can stick them in a cupboard out of the way, anywhere you can run an Ethernet cable.
Do you really need to lose your HDX? Sure, it’s old tech now but what are you hoping to get from an upgraded server?

You will find that a lot of storage hooked onto a Nova doesn’t work well. It will spend ages re-indexing the attached storage on all sorts of different occasions. It’s the wrong way to do it.

You could use a Core. It has to be connected to the network by Ethernet because it doesn’t have Bluetooth or WiFi. But you can hide it away somewhere. It doesn’t need to be near the rest of the system.

Or you could buy a NAS which you could also hide anywhere. You would rip your music to that, just like with a Core, except the Core let’s you rip CDs in it whereas a NAS needs a PC to do the ripping. There are competitors to the Core which also will do the ripping. Some people prefer them to the Core.

But don’t just try to hang more storage on a Nova. You won’t like the experience.

The convenience of using a portable device to play music and to get album art and song titles etc, and make song lists on the fly for parties, without having to stand next to the device.

I use sonos and did for the hdx.
So the core will manage a greater storage capacity more efficiently?

It’s a bit ironic really, Naim do not produce any user manuals now, not even online, this is the sort of thing a manual would usually cover. I am technically proficient but needed to ask what seemed a simple question on the forum a while back, on my Nova, to get a confirmation of my thoughts, for the prices charged it’s a bit poor really!


If you look on there website there are manuals, just search

You can see it all written in the technical specs on the Naim website. But basically the Core can handle 8TB internal or external or a mixture of both.

True of course, but the info for the Nova’s USB size is somewhat limited in the support area …

It is however mentioned in the specifications on the product page:

So what about the competion? Core seems like it is a good option, what about the completion?

As a Unitiserve owner (essentially the same as your HDX but without the DAC) I would not personally buy a Core to replace it. There are just too many limits to its functionality, even compared to the US or HDX which have their limitations. I would either buy a regular QNAP or Synology NAS and run Asset, or for an off-the-shelf solution, buy an Innuos Zen Mini for half the price of a Core.

Whatever server/storage device you buy, they do not have DACs built in like the HDX so unless you have that covered already you will need to buy one, or a streamer/DAC such as Naim’s ND5XS2 or NDX2.

So beyond running the output of the core into a receiver usb dac, which would work, there’s further issues that I’d be better off with a zen mini?
I guess I’ll have to look at that.
I see a lot of people like it on here.
I have a huge cd collection and growing so storage is critical, i need over 2tb at least.

The Core has only SPDIF out, not USB so you would need to choose a DAC with that input available.
The latest version of the Zen Mini has a DAC built in so could be used directly into an amplifier although you may want to upgrade it to a better separate DAC via SPDIF or USB.

It thought i saw adapter cables

Plenty of DACs have SPDIF inputs so it shouldn’t be a problem unless you already have a USB only DAC?

Plan was running it into my receiver usb dac. If it comes up short on quality i can find another option for a dac. Im sure I’ll be satisfied.
I see there’s more then the zen or the core, but hard to find enough info on all the different systems. Hate to buy something that’s unsupported in a couple years because they went out of business.
I want the best quality, with the most user friendly software and control.

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