Naim Nova x Dynaudio Confidence

So, when you added the EE8 switch, does that just accept the input from your fiber service and direct that to all of your wired ethernet outlets, or did you use that closer to your audio system? I have a Luxul 16-port switch and have about 12 of the ports occupied with hardwired ethernet jacks throughout my home, so I would need the 16-port model. I am just wondering about whether a switch would make much of a difference, given that I already have basic Cat6 cabling in my walls.

The EE8 switch is v close to Nova - Ethernet into EE8 and then EE8 connected to Nova with supplied Chord cable. As I said, worth a demo but I (and a fair few others) think it makes a decent uplift


Agreed dmu. I was a liitle too heavy on the speakers going into this. Having gone sn3 hicapdr ndx2 im blown away by what the front end can supply.

I had a listen to a confidence 30 over the weekend, driven by a Supernait 3 and NDX 2. It sounded rather nice in their demo room, and I couldn’t help but think that it would be great to hear it in my room.

Unfortunately, Dynaudio is seriously overpriced in New Zealand (around 7000 pounds more expensive in NZ than in ur UK for the confidence 30), and there is no ability to demo at home, which pretty much take it off the table for me