Naim NSC 222 and Nap 250

Got my new Classic 200’s today sans NPX 300.
Can’t say much yet about SQ since it’s too soon. But I really, really don’t like the shiny Perspex. On their website the gear looks matte but the middle groove is Perspex (or something similar.
I’m wondering what could the reason for the inclusion of this be. Dare I say it looks cheap? What are others opinion?

Looks great to me. Perspex has been used in hifi for decades to screen sensitive components, this is trickle down use from Statement. If you really hate it ask the dealer to take it back, quickly?

The way I see it is that the new design uses smaller parts, no big cast sleeve, no big machined front facia, modular and easier to make design and lower cost.

All of this makes it more efficient for Naim to produce and keep costs under some semblance of control, in a world where everything is getting very costly, No?

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I would not say it looks cheap but it could look a bit chaby after a few years of use if you can clean it with a cloth instead of a dust blower. I tend to dislike all things shiny on hi-fi gear but i am sure that Naim marketing departement have done their homework to see that the new hi-fi looks more appealing to the masses.

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Get yourself a Flash dust magnet. :upside_down_face:

Hate maybe too a strong word. Would just be interesting to know the reasoning behind it. I can’t imagine if it was metal it could add £100’s to the price.
It was just a surprise as it did not appear like that on the website pics.
The volume knob is absolutely fantastic though.
Interesting to hear what others have to say.
Thanks for the responses.

I thought this had already been explained by Naim, it is there for the break up of eddy currents within the case. :blush:

Oh great thank you. I did not know. Thanks NoNaim

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You did know what it looked like… No…?

Photos can be deceptive, but you did see it in real life.

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Yes I knew what it looked like. From the website. I did not see them for real until they arrived.
But it does not look shiny on these pics on their website

Sorry… Do not understand.

You seem to be saying you ordered them & paid for them, without having seen them, in reality…?

Seems to be Buyers Remorse… maybe…? You bought in haste - and now you are unhappy…? Maybe your dealer will take them back…? If you really don’t like them.

I saw it on the website. I did not have time to go and look at them. Just ordered it and it was delivered. Hope this makes sense?

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So… it is as I wrote above.

IF… you are really so unhappy, talk to your Dealer.

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It may not be what you expected so can understand initial reaction.
That said aesthetically it’s not offensive and remember principally hifi equipment should be bought for sound quality rather than looks - I hope it delivers on latter!
FWIW I quite like the look :grinning::+1:.

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I am not unhappy. Just surprised. No way I’m giving it back. I was just expressing my opinion about the acrylic/perspex. Perhaps a superficial comment. Just wanted to hear others opinion.

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The website does make them look a lot more satin than glossy, which seems a bit unfortunate.

It’s like so many photos, which often don’t quite capture the reality.

My concern would be more about how they will look after ten years, including how easily they pick up scratches from dusting.

I do absolutely agree the the photos on the Naim website are deceptive. But that’s (good) photography for you. Depending on the lighting used and how its arranged - and on the post processing - different results can be produced.

Its not even certain that the images on Naim’s site are ‘photos’ - they could easily have been generated from CAD. Or - more likely - they are photos, but of photographic mock up or pre-prod units.

Yes you got me. I have the NAC 252 and NAP 300 and NDX 2.
But I’m sure after a day or so the newcomers will blow my socks off.
I like the simplicity of a 3 box system. The NPX 300 is on the way.

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There is a thing called Anti Reflection Spray, which can be used to deal with reflections, in photography, such as from shiny Perspex… :astonished:

Or… just careful lighting… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure I’ll get over it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But thanks for the suggestion.