Naim olive Armageddon


Got hold of an Armageddon LP12 PS which has been tampered with and I want to bring it back to its original condition. I’m missing the white heavy duty plug/socket and cable which connects to the pcb motor inside the LP12…

I’ve asked Wayne from Cymbyosis if he could get me one but he said Naim don’t supply them anymore. My question is where could I get them off the shelf in some electric shop and what’s exactly the part number or reference I’m looking for?



Pedro, you could email Naim and ask if they still have the part numbers and supplier on the system.

Sure. Thanks, Richard :+1:

Not sure but think radiospares sold the plug at one time …not sure if they still do

I’ve contacted Naim already and I’m waiting for their reply. Also been to the Radiospares web site and I think I’ve found it but want to be sure first.

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