Naim olive xps

Hello, once again a call for help, I have just recently added an Xps to my system which comprises of 82, cdx, 250, hicap and the xps, all just been serviced at class A, the turntable is a new linn Akurate with the ekos arm and a goldring rebuilt troika , the crux of my question is I recently lost the cdx puck and in fear of it been inside the player I attempted turned the cdx off immediately with the rear switch, to my surprise it wouldn’t turn off, it appears that it’s taking all its power from the xps and works plugged into the mains or not, to my cloth ears I can’t hear any sonic differences plugged or unplugged, my question is does the cdx need to be plugged in, I hope somebody can help as trust me I’m confused, regards Neil

With an XPS, only that needs to be powered… Not the CDX… :astonished: :thinking: :crazy_face:

Thank you so much, that actually makes my life a bit easier one less socket required, regards Neil.

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So long as you can withstand the embarrassment, on here… :blush:

You really didn’t know that…?

from Naim UM: OWNCD - Issue 6 - May 2001


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It’s an easy mistake to make and unlike the later products, it doesn’t flash up an error.

Luckily no harm done so maybe give the OP a break :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello thanks for schematic, it all works ok so hopefully no harm done, cdx power cable now disconnected, that’s the problem with buying s/ hand no manual, and a little bit of knowledge is dangerous, regards and thank you

It’s working so that’s a good sign. Did you find the puck? I’d be concerned if that was inside the machine.

Hi actually the puck was on the floor, I had only just connected up the xps after service and only played a couple of discs, the puck disappeared when moving player back in place, perhaps a good thing as I tried turning cdx off with rear switch and realised it wouldn’t, without the missing puck it would have stayed plugged in, a mistake that probably saved damage. Regards


Virtually every Naim manual is somewhere on t’internet. Google is your friend…

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Yeah, you can’t trust the little sods, they can be right buqqers at times… :laughing:

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Most (current or recent) Naim manuals… are on the Naim Audio website…

Naim Manuals

Naim Brochures

Right little pucks…??? :crazy_face:

Never lost mine - perhaps mine was well trained by its previous owner…?

That’s useful for relatively recent products, but for older olive and CB stuff and most speakers you need to search online. They usually turn up on manualslib(dot)com.

Yes I shall never again just connect up in haste, just didn’t think anything about the xps and just added it to system, anyway all is well thank goodness just had it all serviced and didn’t want to have to return for a repair, I have just installed the turntable to say I’m blown away is an understatement, regards

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