Naim on Quadraspire Q4: a couple of tips required

A few days ago I assembled my Quadraspire Q4 table which I have had for about 14 years.
However, I have realized that my Nac 202 does not rest on all four feet on the top shelf, but only on three: can this be a problem at the expense of sound? If so, what do you advise me to do?

Last thing.
My Q4 has 19mm columns and flatfoot: do you think replacing the flatfoot with the spikes and related floor protectors from Quadraspire can help refine the sound?

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The spikes and floor protectors definitely improve things. They add the all important decoupling without which, much if the benefit of a rack is lost.

The 202 not resting on all feet is not right. Even if the Q4 is done up wonky, the shelves will be flat. Have you tried using a different shelf? If it is not resting on all 4 feet on another shelf then it means the 202 is wonky, not the rack.

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Naim has shims that go between the foot and the case for this situation.

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Really? I did not know it!

Later I’ll check it and let you know, thanks!

Is the Quadraspire from the days when they were de-coupled and ‘’ wonky’’ by design ?

I don’t really know, could you provide a picture to better understand?
Mine has been purchased new in 2006

It’s worth checking that the shelves are level and that the legs are not done up too tightly. It may be that one of the shelves is bending because the legs are too tight, or it may be warped, so do check.

The shims mentioned above are only relevant for Naim boxes with metal feet. The 202 has rubber feet so you do not need to worry about shims.

It’s definitely worth getting the spikes.

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Thank you, I’ll check it later.
Thank you for the other answers as well!

Without wishing to sound smutty ''does your rack wobble?" or “is it firm”. I have a wobbly one (no smut please) this was meant to decouple it , then they changed the design to be more rigid.

The original Quadraspire was designed to wobble - this could be a red herring , I think you need to take the Naim out of the rack , put it on a normal table and apply a spirit level.

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Even if it’s a wobbly one - I had the Reference once - the shelves should be flat and level, and the equipment should not rock.


I trivially solved the problem by raising a foot of the Q4, I did not remember that it was so sensitive … and I did not even remember that Quadraspire supplied the spikes in addition to the flatfeet that I inserted … well, I just have to buy some floor protectors. … and a spirit level (ion case…).

Thanks everyone for the help!

When I had my CDX on Q4 one of the four feet needed a shim.
Lucky some were available along with accessories in box.
Not sure if Naim included them with the player new or first owner sourced them.

They cured the issue

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The kit with metal feet were levelled up (before packing) on a piece of perfectly flat aluminium plate. To do I this, thin aluminium shims would be used where necessary, because the metal feet offered no tolerance, so had to be exact. Of course other surfaces, such as wood, glass etc… were never guaranteed perfectly flat, so Naim offered spare shins that could be supplied to the installing dealer to ensure no rocking.

With the normal feet with rubber inserts, unless a shelf is particularly uneven, the rubber should have enough tolerance to ensure no rocking.

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