Naim Ovator 800

What is the appropriate amp for an Ovator 800? Is a 250/300 enough? Asking for a friend


I do not think it would make sense to get S-800’s and use a 250 as you would not be getting anywhere near the performance that S-800 is capable of. I have a wonky active set up of 500 on the BMR and 2 300’s on the bass which works well for me and I went that way as I already had one 500 and one 300. I think passive with a 500 would also work well but I have not heard that and one 300 might be ok as a stepping stone but probably not really appropriate. Unless your friend has been given the 800’s then I would be thinking about the overall balance of the system rather than getting S-800’s and not feeding them well. I would want a 552 and 555 source at the front and then the S-800’s would be able to perform properly. Sorry if that does not help much.


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