Naim pair Sopra 2

Hi guys,

I am new to this community and hobby.

I need some advice, if my system is suitable for Focal Sopra 2.

Room size - 12-13 metre square.

Naim system that I have,
NAIM classic series:
NAC 202
NAP 200

Is the room size too small for the Sopra 2? And wondering if NAP 200 drive the speaker effortlessly?

Thank you

I have a feeling that the likely response is going to be “no”.

If possible, see if your friendly dealer will loan you a pair to try in situ in your room.

You have not listed your source(s) as far as I can see, but I think using £12k 'speakers with your amplifier combination is a potential mismatch, irrespective of your room size.

I found this on the Sopra 2 product page:

“Sopra N°2 is easy to integrate with most systems thanks to its remarkable bass control. Perfectly at ease in rooms under 30m2 (325sq-ft), its design is ideal for larger spaces, filling rooms up to 70m2 (750sq-ft). The attention to amplifier quality and to precise room positioning is the key in resolving their deep soundstage.”

Nice amplifier btw.

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What are the actual dimensions?

Sopra 2s may well work just fine, but the dimensions of the room may have the greatest impact; for example, a square room can create all sorts of issues for loudspeakers (a perfect cube, worst of all), whereas a room that’s more rectangular may sound great regardless of size.

For all that, it’s a lot of speaker to be running off such a system. I take it you’ve listened to them in context of what you have?

It might be worth saying what your source for the nDAC is, what your current speakers are and and what made you focus on the Sopra 2.

If your room is about 3m by 4m, the Sopra 2 is very large and will be very dominant, especially as they need space behind them. It might be worth getting some cardboard boxes of the same size and placing them with about 60cm behind them, to get a feel for how it might look.

I can’t help thinking that if you want to spend £12,000 a 282/250 and some much smaller speakers might be a whole lot more liveable with.

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I’ d not discard these for room size alone. In particular what is your room size, only a square shape could be a no no.
For the record, my S600s lwork pretty successfully in a 16 m2 room. On the other hand i have nSat in another 35+ m2 room working very brilliantly with 202/200DR

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Thanks for information, guys. Very helpful.

I am using Apple music via iPad/iPhone using usb cable.
And room configuration is 3x4 meter.

At this stage I am using Tannoy 12” DMT, after 6 months the speaker sound lifeless for me and there is a good deal with Sopra 2.

I tried Sopra in the dealer using NDX2/250DR, sound stage was amazing.

For that room size maybe consider the sopra n1.

202/200 will be fine if not optimised, but the real issue is will they work in your room?



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I had the 200 with 1028be, when I replaced the 200/272 with the 250.2/272 I found a great improvement everywhere, bass, medium and treble… for the Sopra 2 I advise you at least the 250 if not the 300 otherwise you will not enjoy it as it should.

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Doubt its these speakers you need to replace

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I would suggest you also look at loudspeakers that aren’t made by Focal.


my other choice would be B&W 805 D3 or D4.


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