Naim Phono Boards and Other Animals

For various reasons, I wanted to compare the input characteristics of the various Naim Phono Boards, from days gone by - but this I believe, equally applies to the current Stageline. In fact, its the Stageline specs that I have sourced this info from, as a start.

Naim Stageline link

I did check the FAQ’s, but I couldn’t find exacatly what I was after so…

So… Whats the difference between N, S, K and E (aka R) boards and/or inputs…?

Here goes…

N Boards - for Moving Magnet Cartridges (NA322 - or NA522)
Input Sensitivity - 2mV
Load - 47kohms/470pF

S Boards - for Moving Coil Cartridges (NA323 S - or NA523 S)
Input Sensitivity - 100μV
Load - 470ohms/6.8nF

K Boards - for Linn Moving Coil Cartridges (NA323 K - or NA523 K)
Input Sensitivity - 100μV
Load - 560ohms/1.0nF

E (or R) Boards - for EMT (or Roksan) Cartridges (NA323 E - or R - or NA523 E - or R)
Input Sensitivity - 400μV
Load - 560ohms/6.8nF

Would be good to know if I have this correct - ? (paging @Richard.Dane )

Looks odd to me, that the R values for K & E are the same…?

Hope it may be useful, or informative… :thinking:

Yes, the loads for the E and K look fine to me; they concur with the specs in the old handbook.

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Thanks. It’s a straight crib from the Stageline specs… :slightly_smiling_face:

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