Naim plugs


Having had my set up in dry dock for some time due to a number of short term house moved I finally set everything back up but I have two little black plugs that I think need to be inserted if you’ll excuse the terminology. One is round and five pin and the other is oblong with semi-circular ends and is four pin.

My set up is a CD5X, 112 pre, 150 power amp and a flat cap along with the naim phono amp, I think it’s the stage line?

Where do I need to put the plugs. Any help much appreciated.

Assuming you are powering the 112 with the Flatcap, the 112 doesn’t need any plugs. If the CD5x isn’t powered by the Flatcap it needs a plug. I think it’s the round one.

Hey Mr Halibut, I have a cable from the 150 to the flatcap, then one from the flatcap to the 112 and another from the flatcap to the CD5. Also a cable from the phono stage to the 150. Does that make sense?

Thanks. I’ve just realised it’s a 112x , does that make a difference?

You should be able to connect the Stageline to the powered aux 2 socket on the 112x. Remember that googling ‘Naim 112 manual’ or Naim Stageline manual’ will provide the answers.

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