Naim Plus Naim Plus Spendor Equals?

I’ve had this Naim stuff a few months now and am continually impressed by the music. Not the detail, not the scale, not the treble, not the bass…etc.
The Music. I’m also loving the ND5xs. The access to internet radio is really satisfying. Though not really a classical buff I am truely enjoying the various classical stations. I have a 5 gang Pioneer FM Tuner that when I lived in Auckland was amazing because I had an external FM arial. Down here FM is very limited unless I install a very tall pole and mount a large arial on it so the internet FM is a godsend. Allied to a really organic sounding DAC its delivering in spades.
Also Im enjoying the simplicity of less boxes.
Just a wee pat on the back for Naim also is Naim Radio. For me Naim Radio speaks volumes for Naims continuing commitment to music.
Only problem for Naim is I can’t see me buying anymore Naim for quite some time as I’m rather happy with what Ive got.

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A month on and Wow. This system has taken another deep breath and opened up again. Bass, Soundstage, Headroom…all the usual descriptions. However what grabs my attention is the musicality, the harmony. No other set up Ive owned has opened up so harmoniously. Its actually beginning to remind me of an old Rogers Valve amp I once had paired with Morduant Short speakers…but better. By a long shot. I’m starting to think I don’t need to re visit a valve system.

Funny how these Naim boxes just get you into the music

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