Naim power cord v.s chord Sarum t

I’m in dilemma what’s better for my 552 Naim power cord or Sarum t?

The one in the box is perfectly adequate. And you’ve already paid for it.


Haven’t you asked this before? :slightly_smiling_face: You won’t get a consensus of opinion on this topic friend.


I have a Sarum t on my 555 dr. I uplifted the sound clearly vs my Kharma matrix at 1/3 , 1/4 of the Chord price. But I haven’t had a Whouah. Would not do it again.
If you want a Whouah ! go directly to Music. A lot have reported the gap between Sarum t and Music.

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So true!

The title was different and with confusion. It was : Naim Super Lumina power cord vs Music.

Many like the cables in the Naim box, I found the Chord cables to be more revealing and not to have any sonic downsides. I used to have Super Sarum (which has now been superseded and is SarumT) and thought that better than the Naim cable. The criticism of Super Sarum at the time was that they over sweetened the Naim sound and weren’t as rhythmic. Sarum T is supposed to have addressed some of that, but I am sure many will still prefer the Naim only route. I never had a Sarum T power cable, but I have tried various interconnects and it’s a pretty open window on the performance. I now have Chord Music interconnects and power cords. Music, I feel, brings a similar improvement as a Naim power supply on a component or an amp upgrade, as it probably should considering its price. As @frenchrooster says, it’s a whoa moment, but appreciate that not all will what that kind of whoa!
There’s no absolute right answer of course, just whatever you prefer. I can certainly confirm the preamp sounds great with any of the above power cords attached.


I’m thinking to go to music


That would be a good choice in my view

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Asked before when I still had only Naim power cord…now I have Sarum about 10 days and I’m not sure what I prefer…so Im thinking to jump to music as I view it’s much better

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Music cables are so very good in my system Meni. I am fortunate enough to own a full loom of Interconnect and Power and don’t ever regret buying them over a superior power amp.

Yes it was obviously an error on the OP’s part as but we all know that he meant Naim Powerline v Chord Music mains cables.

Interestingly it might appear that I’m part of the Chord Cable fan club but I have reservations about some the line below Music. The SigX cables have a showboat like presentation but can be somewhat fatiguing over lengthy listening sessions IMO. As you intimated good as Sarum T is the Music cables are a big upgrade over them.


I have lots of positive experience with shunyata cables.

It’s the why I am not sure to upgrade from signature tuned array to Sarum t as Din to RCA interconnect from my Nds to pre. I know that part is very sensitive, but if I buy it will be blind, without possibility to return. ( only on order).

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FWIW I for a period went Super Sarum to Sarum T DIN DIN. Big difference between those IMO. Sarum T on NDS could be very good. I had it on NDX2 but I believe it would match better with NDS.

Another contender to Sarum T is Oephi Transcendance. I compared them both and they perform similar where Oephi is around 1000 EUR cheaper new. 30 days free try and buy period.

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I understand . I agree that the IC from Streamer to Pre is the most influential one sound quality wise. I had a 2m Sigx 5/5 Din on loan whilst I was waiting for a 2m length of Music made for me. This is just a month ago. When the Music arrived 10 days ago I was shocked just how much better it is than the Sigx.

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I’ve had full Naim power line power cables to full Chord Sarums and there is more body and detail with the Chord Sarum.

If price isn’t an issue - and it rarely is when it comes to the plight of great audio sound, I’d get the Sarums.



Actually at the Munich HiFi I was told, the most important cable is the power cable. And after having the best power cables you can afford, then you should turn attention to interconnects.

Do you have any Idea what a tuned array is? I asked them at the Munich show, but they didn’t know/wanted to tell me.

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With Naim power cord I had more shine at the top and I lacked it in my new Sarum …maybe it needs to run due it`s a new cable only a week used

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From my experience, there are no audible differences (except in imagination…) between power cables, at a good basic plus level.
But between interconnects, there are very audible differences…
It is certainly possible to “make do” with Powerline and invest more in interconnects.