Naim Powercord alternatives


Has anyone tried powercord other than the default Naim / powerline?
I want to try Powercord’s QED conduit performance with the MK 3 gang AC Plug and Schurter as the female plug
has anyone tried the power cable from this QED?

thank you

I swapped a Powerline Lite on my Violectric V281 for the MCRU No. 75. It was a nice uplift.


Same here, I have an MCRU 752 from DC blocker to multi, then three MCRU 75s to each unit.
Excellent mains cables.


thank you for share

anyone use easy to find on the market like Chord / QED ?
I have seen QED powerline conduit series pretty good

or Naim have special requirement that support sound quality of their products?

I’ve no experience of QED Qonduit, but the reviews in UK are not so enthusiastic, comments such as, ‘not sure how much better it is than a standard cable’, ‘lacks authority’.
The big problem looks like the Qonduit is no longer made by QED, all they have today is XT5

What country do you live (what power plug stnd do you use)

which material is good for replacing naim’s Powercord ?


I switched out all my Naim PowerLine cords for Luna power cords (blue level). Very significant improvement, far more than I thought possible. I have switched all my cables to Luna. It made my system explode with improvement. I highly recommend anyone interested in improved sound to check out their web site.

As a matter of fact, I am expecting my new Luna XLR cables (Noir level) to arrive today to replace the Naim XLR’s for my Statement, which I just got 1 week ago. If the improvement is similar to what I experienced when I did the same for my 500/552, I will have a very big smile on my face.

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We’ve all been there.


Wow! that was quite the leap!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Nice to know Adam’s still nimble.

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I have used Vertex AQ Roirama mains cables into a Taga block, which I had preferred to the powerlines and which at the time 10 years ago was comparable in price to the powerline. Seems Vertex has been absorbed into Quiescient technologies with a significant price increase to the new products.

I’ve used a R andrews classic powerkord with furutec copp/brass iec and it was quite good. Also used a R andrews powermax plus(kimber pk14) with martin keiser rhodium iec which was slightly better and provided a wonderful snug fit in the iec socket. Also tried a belden hybrid with an iego copper iec which was also quite comparable to the above. The best i’ve used however is my DH labs silversonic powerplus which is unshielded and is a triple c copper conductor cable (continuous cast copper) which is a very pure copper indeed. This has been mated to the new style iego gold plated iec but the conductors are red copper and this is joined to a mshd plug. It’s a lovely diy cable and it easily beats all the above by a margin. It also is a very secure fitting in the amp socket which i like very much.
I’ve also just discovered air and helix cables on other forums which can offer remarkable improvments in sq and am in the process of buying the parts needed to make these. They can be made with interconnects, power or speaker cables as well.

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My XLR Luna Noir (black) cable arrived to day from Canada to used in my Statement instead of the standard Naim cable. Played an album with the Naim cables first then the same LP with the Luna. The difference was striking. It still amazes me just how much better the Luna cables make my system sound. It’s not like the Naim cables are crap. It’s just that the Lunas are amazing!

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I highly suggest the Nordost Red Dawn power cord. In my personal opinion it’s very clean, fast and precise. I experienced great improvements.

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Aren’t the XLRs that come with the Statement Super Lumina? They are not like the el cheapos that come with the 500.

I use AV Options TibiaPlus12 (deep cryo) PCs on all Naim gear. I used to have all Naim Powerlines then tried these long ago and honestly couldn’t tell too much of a difference between them. So I sold off all Powerlines and installed the AV Options. In case one doesn’t know the firm’s background, it’s founded by Chris West, David L’Heureux and Nick Despotopoulos. They know a thing or two about Naim. :wink:

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I do not believe they are SL. They seem to be HiLine. there is no marking on them to indicate, but they look like other HiLine cables I have. Anyway, the Luna cables made a huge difference.

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anybody use chord superscreen powercord here?

Grahams Hydra here.

I’ve used the Chord Power Cord (Orange) in the past but like a couple of previous posters now use MCRU.

I really would message David at MCRU.