Naim Powerline Lite with Titan Audio NYX mains block

Folks, have an idea to swap mains power cable in my system to see if it makes any audible difference. So my current setup is Naim Unity Atom with MCRU No.75 plugged in to Titan Audio NYX distribution block which is connected to wall socket via Titan Audio NYX main power cable.
As far as i know Titan Audio Nyx main power cable has only 6 AMP current capacity. Unfortunately, i don’t know the specs of Naim Powerline Lite main cable which i plan to use instead of TA NYX.

I was wondering if the TA NYX main power cable is the “bad guy” that potentially affects SQ due to low current capacity?
Any advise here would be much appreciated.

6 amps is plenty!
Eg supernait maxes at 400va which is 1.67 amps.

Thanks Robert! Was just curious, since i’m not an expert in this field, what would higher capacity cable potentially change? For example if i will get Titan Audio NYX Signature with 15 AMP.

I can also hear hiss (shhhh) coming from my speakers when the volume is cranked up to 100% (with no playback obviously :smile:) any treatment that can be done here to reduce noise?

Hiss is normal.
The magic is in the plugs, hence the decoupling design of the Naim mains plugs.
Personally I veer towards well engineered/constructed products.
I suspect the higher rating won’t make a difference.

So you suggest to switch back to Powerline Lite and trade my MCRU? :slight_smile:

I’d try the MCRU cable between block and wall and put the Powerline Lite on the Atom and see what you think.

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I have a 75 on my sn2.

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Thanks @james_n, will play around tomorrow morning and if that makes a difference, will then have to trade back my Titan Audio NYX cable to a dealer :slight_smile:

How are you liking it so far?

Well you could try swapping the Nyx with the Powerline Lite to see what you find works best for you and then decide. Report back on what you find :+1:

Will certainly do!


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