Naim powerline

Anybody got the powerline on 300dr and is it worth going for.?

Yes, yes. Without a doubt.

Can you borrow one from a dealer to demo?

Was an improvement on both 272 and 250DR. Imagine 300 would benefit in same way!

Not sure but I could asked.

I borrowed a dealer’s one to try on my Nova - very worthwhile so bought it and a few more.

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The Powerline is a good addition to any component. Source first. Preamp. Power. Do them all. The benefit is readily perceptible. The benefit is cumulative throughout your system.

Just do it.

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Powerlines are beneficial on all my newer Naim components. My olive supercap was not effected however.

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Same benefits with PL on other brands?

It sound good with Uniti Nova?
Thanks guys

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One hopefully arrives this afternoon for audition on my Nova


I found it a very worthwhile upgrade sonically, and others have made similar comments.

Bear in mind I currently use the Nova, which is destined to be standalone at some point, as a streaming source into NAC 282/active SBL setup. I can’t remember at this stage if I used/tested a Powerline in isolation originally with the Nova alone, or used it with Nova/olive NAP 250 or even with the active setup - even if the last extreme example then it significantly improved analogue out sound quality.

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I have PowerLines on my 300PS DR, XPS DR and SCDR. I just bought a second SCDR, but plan to use a AVOptions TibiaPlus12 power cord for it. Maybe I will shift it around among the four PSUs to see if I notice a difference. I don’t know that I will buy a fourth PL. Maybe if one comes up secondhand at a good price.

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Since we are talking about the Naim Powerline, I’m wondering how much benefit I can gain by using one for my nDAC? I currently have one already on my XPS-DR.

Hopefully I’ll beat you to it! lol

I’m not in a rush. I’ve already spent way more money than I intended to. The SCDR was an unplanned purchase but an opportunity came up for a good one with the cables I need.

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Ditto, no rush for me as well. I have a TibiaPlus as well but I’ve been curious lately to see if a Powerline would make a difference on the nDAC without breaking the bank. I’m still amazed at the XPS DR!

Yep. Certainly worth trying.

Plugged it in about twenty minutes ago, and very worthwhile

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Interesting isn’t it! Is your Nova a second ‘standalone’ system?