Naim Powerline

No, always in a camera bag. It’s an 85 1.2 markii and a camera dealer told me the best way to remove it. They said it was common once they got to that sort of age.

Why don’t you consider other brands like Siltech, Gutwire and the like. Personally I think powerline is too expensive.

Try Titan audio , gaining good reviews if that means anything.

Anyone know if Naim re-sheath cables and is it cost effective? My new kitten has had a right good go at my Powerline and XLR’s :unamused:

The Naim quality has stood the test but the cosmetic battle scars are there.

I would take some photos and show them to your dealer. They’ll be able to find out what’s possible here.

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I have similar problems with other things perishing in the extremes of hot 100% humidity summers followed by 15% humidity cool winters. That’s a tough swing for many plastics and adhesives. Many cables seems to exude an oily sweat. Some I can rub off with an alcohol wipe but the problem is, that residue should be in the cable sheath.

Usually when this happens, the cable or whatever is usable but continues to break down so I chuck them.

Absolutely, I am using one on our coffee machine and the result is sublime :+1:t3: Enjoy Peter

‘Sticky cable syndrome’ - leaking out of phthalates?

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