Naim Pre-Amp stopped working just like that light off no sound nothing

Well out of the blue my Naim pre-amp has just stopped working the light does not come on at all but the main amp does. So now I cannot play anything without it.
It is an old piece of kit I guess I have had it over 25 years I suppose, I have replaced bits of the set up like my Naim Tuner but never had a problem with the amps. Not sure whether to just update or see if it can be mended. I have no idea what is wrong with it.
Any advice anyone…?

No advice, but those who could will undoubtably want to know more - i.e. what model/has it ever been serviced etc.

What preamp is it and how is it powered?

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The obvious first question is have you checked the fuses? Not just the mains plug fuse but the small internal fuse, generally accessed from the back panel, often in the socket that the mains lead plugs into (depending on model).

No I didn’t know it had a fuse. It doesn’t have its own electrical plug it is just connected to other things.
I looked at my old receipt it just says NAIM CDI and gosh I have had it since 1994.

If it’s a preamp then it won’t have a fuse and will be powered either from a separate supply like a Hicap, or the power amp itself. Have a look at the back of your components and you should see a label saying what they are. The preamp will be NAC xxx and the power amp NAP xxx

Cannot see any labels on the back but this is from the front.

Back, no labels

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I guess it is an antique :relieved: but much loved

I’d guess at a NAC72 (edit - I see you’ve posted a pic) with either a NAP90 or NAP140 Power amp. Check the cable linking the preamp and power amp is plugged in ok, and also the little black link plug is in the furthest right socket. If all is ok, and the power amp is coming on then I suspect the preamp power supply built into the power amp has failed. I would see if you can borrow another SNAiC4 cable (that goes between preamp and power amp) just to be sure it’s not that, but I suspect your amps are due for a service.

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It’s a NAC 72. Says so at the top right hand corner of the back panel.

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As James suggests, it will most likely be down to the SNAIC4 having a fault or the internal pre-amp supply within the power amp having failed.

As it’s 25+ years old, I would perhaps suspect the latter as it’s well past due a service.

As an aside, what is the orange/brown residue all over the SNAIC? Is it rust? Has there been flooding?


Yes I guess it is well due a service, I rarely ever look at the back of these it is in its own hi fi cupboard, maybe it is from condensation over the years, no flooding even though it’s Shropshire!
I have just had the tuner service and that is a mere youngster so I guess I shall have to pack them both up and send them away. Just hope I manage to get it all back together again. My old Hi Fi shop owner has retired so there is no one that gives a service like that any more. He set it all up for me.

If you’re not sure how to connect it back up, take photos and sketch out the cable connections as you take the components out. It’ll make it a lot easier to put it all back together again. It should be as good as new when it comes back and ready for many years more service.

Yes will do! Do you send them direct to Naim Salisbury yourself or do you go through your hi fi shop?
Do you know approx cost?

You’d need to go through a dealer for servicing at Naim HQ and they can advise costs. The other way is through a Naim Authorised service facility with whom you would deal directly.

Darran at Class A servicing comes highly recommended.


Darren at Class A is in Sheffield, so you could possibly take them there yourself instead of relying on courier that will take the care that you might want.

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My local hi fi shop sends them by courier. Don’t think I could face the drive to Sheffield but thanks for all your help everybody. I would take them today but the shop isn’t open today and I am back at work tomorrow so I will have a long time with no sounds.

Darran can arrange a courier and will be cheaper than Naim, no need to go to the hifi shop.


Before you assume it’s has to be a service now, you could try wiggling the black plug in the extreme right hand end of the back, that’s right hand as looked at from behind. Also unplug and plug in again the lead next to it, labelled output. You should turn the power off before you do that though.