Naim Pre-Amp stopped working just like that light off no sound nothing

Surely there is another Naim dealer closer to you who could help?

There is a Naim dealer in Shrewsbury who would advise. In the church where Creative Audio used to be.

I think the Olive boxes are about £400 each.

As others have suggested, disconnecting and reconnecting the various leads and plugs may help. Especially if that orange stuff is corrosion.

As service should get it all sounding a lot better as well as actually working.


Here’s a Naim pricelist from the recent thread on official Naim servicing, it includes recommended service and repair costs from main Naim dealers, MSRP if you will.

I would also return all the cables as well for checking, refurbishing, etc. as they don’t look in the best of condition.

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I strongly suggest that you get in touch with Darran at Class A. He provides a great service, using Naim parts, and is totally reliable. It will cost a lot less than serving at Naim and will take weeks rather than months. I suggest you get hold of a new Snaic 4, the current black version. They are quite expensive these days but can often be found on eBay for much less.

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Although my last service from Naim took 2 weeks. But people’s experiences seem mixed at the moment

Gosh yes have just contacted my local Naim dealer and he says to send off the NaC pre-amp and amp to Naim is going to cost me circua £800! But they won’t accept it unless it is in Naim packaging, at HQ, like I would have that after 20+ years crazee. Don’t know anything about Snaic 4 but will look into it my local dealership does not stock Snaic but new Naim integrated amplifier £1,400. What to do, in the mean time I have no sounds! : (

You sound rather frustrated and annoyed…?

You have been given a lot of good advice on this thread. But I am unclear if you have followed much of this up…?? Have you contacted Class A, for instance - and asked Darren…?

Sorry no, not annoyed at all just missing my music. My tuner needed to be sent off just before Christmas, though that is newer NDX 5XS and now my other bits of kit have gone too. I have done the wiggling and done the unplugging and cleaned all the back with a little paint brush and wiped all the leads. I may order the new Snaic 4 cable via Amazon as I can at least return that if it isn’t the cable. I have also found someone local recommended by the local Naim dealer so am taking my kit for them to look at hopefully Monday.
I do value all your advice and feedback thank you. And the prices posted are in line with the dealership quotes. Thank you everyone. Trouble with typing is it has no tone of voice so I am pleased with everyone’s assistance thank you. : )

A SNAIC4 should be only bought from a Naim dealer, IMO. Or - with care - from a private seller, say on eBay.

There is potential here for damage to occur, if the ‘SNAIC’ is not correct. Not - IMO - worth the risk.

Oh ok, I will wait til Monday and see what the repairer recommended says in case it is not the lead, or at least get the lead from an appropriate outlet thankyou. Yes not worth the risk agree.

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Are you near your dealership? If so I’m sure they might be able to lend you a cable for an agreed 24 hours assuming they haven’t got any Naim demo’s booked? Or you may be able to take your pre-amp to the dealer fora quick test there

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I’d be very surprised if an established Naim dealer doesn’t have a SNAIC 4 handy just to test with - they would doubtless have one that they use for their own demo use, surely?

Otherwise, have a chat with Darran at Class A.


Thank you, yes, am in touch with the local dealer. I know everyone is mentioning Darren in Sheffield too but I don’t have any packaging to send it in. At least if I can pop locally I can take them with care myself and the Naim dealer has diverted me to this person in the first instance, which save my trip to town today, I had a chat on the phone with him. But yes will hold off on buying any leads at the moment, will be interested to see if it is mendable. Fingers crossed. : )

It’s Naim, of course it will be mendable :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a minor point, but it’s Darran rather than Darren :slightly_smiling_face:


If you don’t fancy the long drive to Sheffield, you could go by train.

Darran was happy to do my service same day, given a bit of advance notice.


Well best news ever! Nestled away in SMC Customs Installs Ltd in Battlefield Enterprise Park Shrewsbury is a gentleman who has been servicing and repairing high end hi fi including Naim and restoring old systems to their former glory for many years. Yesterday I dropped my Naim amp and pre-amp off there with him with all the leads. Today I got a call and it was simply a capacitor in the pre-amp, so they have been shown lots of TLC and a new capacitor and all is back up and running for - £70!
I am amazed and thankful. Amazing job and customer service, thank you John!


Was it a capacitor in the preamp power supply - just curious ?

Anyway, glad it’s all sorted and you have music again :+1: