Naim Pre-amps with balanced XLR mono amps

I have a Nac-282 running through a SuperCap to a Nap-250. This is very good.

However, I’m looking at a Nac-252 or Nac-552 (with 555PS), which I would prefer to run with my Chord electronics 612 mono amps.

The conundrum is the Chord amps have balanced XLR inputs.

What solution(s) is/are available?


I got a 4-pin din to 2 phono (l/r), thence to Canford unbal-balanced transformers, then XLR’s from my Supercap to ATC SCM40A’s giving a proper balanced output from the unbalanced Supercap.

Very interesting.

Is that from a Nac-282 to 1 or 2 of these Canford transformers? What is the price-point for these?

Does this methodology reduce the output available from the mono amps? It has been suggested to me that RCA connectors reduce the output signal from the pre-amp.


It is from my Supercap/52 (Olive).

I can’t help you with RMS/V output via the Canfords, but suspect that, in conjunction with my 'speakers has made the volume much more controllable from the 6:35 to 9 o’clock positions compared with my old speakers and NAP 135’s.

I am using the transformers as I am using equal length 5metre XLR cables. I believe some on the forum use XLR’s without transformers.

Price-wise, the transformers were c£216/pair excluding any cables.

Just use a pair of DIN to XLR cables from the SUPERCAP outputs. No different to Classic pre to New Classic NAP 250.

( I use the above but with a 282/HICAP)

One thing to keep in mind, is can the chord amp be run from a pseudo balanced input. At least with the other solution, you would have a fully balanced signal from the unbal - balanced transformer.

The Naim Classic series components do not use balanced circuits. Not clear on what you’re connecting with a DIN to XLR.

With the New Classic Series, Naim has come out with 4Pin Din to balanced XLR leads. I’m using a pair now to go from the SCDR to the NC250

Yes, it’s DIN to XLR but it’s not balanced. The New Classic NAP250 has balanced inputs but the Old Classic preamps/power supplies are not balanced.

NC NAP250 Specs:
Audio Inputs
2 x True balanced via XLR, 47k
34k singled ended via legacy adaptor lead

Correct but it will work to connect a Naim Preamp to an amp with balanced XLR inputs. It’s not like the cable to connect to the 300DR which won’t work with balanced XLR’s

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