Naim price review cycle

Hi, just a quick question, is there a regular cycle Naim follow (e.g. annual in July for example) when reviewing prices or can price changes come at random points?


Used to be April - same as the UK Tax Year… :thinking:

Usually occur in March/April and later in November depending on product changes

I can confirm there’s no set point any more, and it’s rarely an across-the-board rise as/when it does happen due to increased component costs.

This is the way nowadays (in general terms not limited to Naim) and furthermore it’s not called price review anymore. The corporate jargon calls it on-going revenue management…


Has anyone known Naim prices ever to drop? In theory (outside of Covid) component parts may get cheaper as they mature in their lifecycle

No… :crazy_face:

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I think that’s a little simplistic. Some may become cheaper, others may become more difficult to source. In any case, we want them to make a profit, to survive and to invest in the engineering and research that will make the next generation better.


Bearing in mind delivery times Naim don’t seem to be able to meet demand at the moment which suggests some more Naimflation in the future.

SN3 was cheaper then the outgoing SN2 right? Thats a price drop of sorts unless I have imagined that :smiley:


Yes. I bought an SN2, a few months later Naim brings out SN3. In the US the SN3 was about $1200 less! I was not happy. It’s unfortunate that in the US Naim is extremely expensive.

New doesn’t always mean better.

That’s true, but irrelevant in this case.

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