NAIM products blurb query

The “Products” blurb for the ND5XS2 mentions Tidal, Spotify, Chromecast but not Qobuz?

Functionality added after launch, but blurb should be updated.

The Naim website is not known for its accuracy :grinning:


The ND5XS2 and the other current NDxxx streamers were launched in April last year. The Qobuz integration arrived in an update in January this year.
If the blurb in question is on the Naim website it’s unfortunately true that the website is not being kept up to date consistently as things change. We believe a fully revamped site is due at some point, which hopefully will have corrected content as well as a change of look and feel. Examples of outdated content include power supplies being described as upset for discontinued boxes, boxes we believe from dealer updates have been discontinued still showing as available.

So, I’m looking at a second-hand purchase of a “2019” box.

Presumably, if it’s not Qobuz-enabled, I can update the firmware?

Yes, it’s a simple over the air download, if it’s ex-demo it’s probably already been done.

Poor on Naims part, add a function people want and don’t tell anyone on the web, would take 30 seconds max.

I’ve just had a look at the “Support” tool for the ND5XS2. As current kit does not come with a manual, printed or PDF, this is the nearest that there is to a user guide or manual. One advantage of an online FAQ equivalent should be that it is always up to date. I’ve tried searching it for Qobuz. I also searched the ND555 support tool, same result. (On the website itself the ND555 Page on the Naim site hasn’t got updated text, but has the Qobuz logo in the sources section. The ND5XS2 doesn’t even have that.)
I have to say that in my view, if you move away from manuals to online tools for user guides, then you really ought to have a major new feature documented in the tool within 7 months of launch.


Maybe bringing this thread to @charlie.henderson ‘s attention might help. The website really is in a bit of a sorry state. While a revamp has been mentioned it would only take a few hours for someone to address the errors and omissions.

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Yes, as has been mentioned before, there’s a new website coming soon.


It would be nice to see these make a come-back! They were a nice touch by Naim, and added to the sense of pride of ownership that goes with Naim products.

Doesn’t help the OP though, sorry.


That said, it wouldn’t take a moment to fix the obvious errors. You don’t rebuild the house if only the doors need painting.

Indeed, and there is a large amount if useful information on discontinued products accessed by their web pages and the very dated ‘knowledge base’ area. It would be a great shame if all this information vanished, but I have a nasty feeling that a new website aimed at promoting current products will abandon the whole lot.


I’d agree Chris. And if Charlie or another Naim person does read this, I’d venture to suggest that the older information that Chris references is part of the Naim value. Naim’s ability to service pretty much everything they’ve ever built is a core strength, as it keeps up residuals making it easier for people to move up the range, and also gives people faith they are making long term purchases. Access to older manuals and information about older equipment is another aspect of that value, it all adds to the longevity of the equipment.

Very salutory.

So… if I bought the second-hand 2019 streamer and it didn’t have Qobuz, I could upload the current firmware and get it, yes?


Definitely. Load the Naim app on an Android or IOS device, set up the ND5XS2, it might check for software updates, if not in the app click on the cog in the top right and select check for updates. It’ll download and update when you prompt it to.

And apologies, I rather hijacked your thread to preach to the manufacturer. The ND5XS2 is a lovely piece of kit, sounds great, if you get it enjoy it, I’m sure you will.

Great, but there’s no “Check for software updates” behind the cog in my app…

Oh, hang on. You mean AFTER I’ve kicked off the streamer?

Yep, it checks the streamer version and compares that to the current latest version. I’m travelling so using a Muso Qb 2 rather than a streamer, but here is a screen cap of what I see.

Hmm. That’s more detailed than what I get?

What streamer are you using for that screenshot Mike? You only get the check for updates on streamers that update that way. Eoink’s screenshot also shows he’s a beta tester, so your’s would be slightly different. But anyway what he says about firmware updates on the ND5 XS2 is right, definitely.