Naim Qb 2 out of stock?

Hi Considering up grading my now somewhat old qb 1 to the qb 2 Tried a number of online retailers today including Sevenoaks (got my excellent Atom from) Peter Tyson Av online Richersounds even John Lewis all appear to have none in stock Are naim either developing and newer model or are there simply supply issues ?

It’s simply supply issues, which seem to affect so many things at the moment. The Qb2 is really good and is well worth the wait.

Yes, as noted, it’s just high global demand along with the well-documented issues of the day.

Good news is that more stock is incoming before Christmas, into a range of retailers

Hi many thanks for that just thought if there was an imminent new version I might wait. Yes I understand the qb 2 is an upgrade so will look into where might be available. Living in the middle of Lincolnshire it will need to be via online

Don’t do it! My (2) Qb2’s cost me well over 20k. Once I heard decent music again, I got back on the horse and it has taken me for a ride! :smile:

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