Naim QB smart speaker

A friend of mine is thinking of buying one. Does anyone who owns one have a review or opinion on it’s performance against price?

I just bought one, have a 1 st generation Muso as well. To get the Naim house sound for under £600, is a bargain, i bought an ex demo one. It will soon get native Qobuz, sound quality is excellent…did not bother checking anything else. Just send your friend to the Naim website for the reviews…nothing comes close for the price. The QB2 is also just the right size for-taking on holiday…in the UK that is. I am very impressed.

I have a couple of 1st Generation Qbs and a second generation QB, I’m really impressed with the sound quality and looks. A friend who recently picked up a QB says she listens to a lot more music than she did before. And as Gazza says, with the handy packaging with handle, it’s easy to take on a break away.

We have three 1st generation QB’s and find them excellent. There are some good deals on the old model in the usual places. The new model is supposed to be quite a bit better and this is reflected in the revised price of the 2nd generation.

Sound wise there’s noting similar to touch them.

Some people report dodgy wireless capability with them. We have 1 wired and 2 wireless and don’t experience any problems but we do have a well sorted wireless network (2 X Draytek WAP’s).

Note, these are NOT smart speakers so you can’t bark instructions to them.

I have one (1st generation).
I love it.
very easy to use.
use it with my spotify premium subscription.
my 2 little daughters dance like Taylor Swift :smile:

Another very happy user of a 1st generation Naim Muso Qb here, and this from someone who doesn’t use Naim gear elsewhere in my systems.

I use mine wirelessly in my kitchen for both Internet Radio (mainly Radio 4 or Radio Paradise) and occasionally to stream music from both my local NAS store and from Tidal. I have no problems whatsoever with CD quality sources although some buffering occurs if I attempt to stream the highest resolution hi-res files. Of course, if hi-res files are important to you then you can connect the device via ethernet.

I didn’t compare my Qb when I bought it to many alternatives, but I can’t imagine that you will do better for the money. It does sound very good, and as an aside, I think it looks better than most of the alternatives if that is important to your friend.

Just be aware that if they want to use it primarily for music streaming, then they will need a control app such as that offered by Naim, and that the Naim app requires an IOS or android device (preferably an iPad or tablet) for full functionality.

Thanks for you opinions everyone.

There are loads of reviews of the Mu-So Qb out there, both in magazine and video forms. The Naim website carries a number of review copies and articles on the Mu-So Qb as well.

I use a first gen MuSo QB in my bedroom works a treat and sounds excellent, highly recommended.

Fabulous 1st Gen QB’s and Muso’s slick easy setup and fabulous sound.

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