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May have been answered but I couldn’t find it. How can I find out what’s is playing now or in sequence on the Naim Radio stream?

Unfortunately Naim Radio does not display meta data. I seem to remember Claire indicating that it was something being looked at for the future though. So Shazam or SoundHound is a potential short term but cumbersome solution if you need to look up a piece of music you are listening to.

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Nov '20

We’ll be adding more metadata detail shortly. Until then, the Shazam app maybe useful :slight_smile:

I’m probably missing something because my only Naim item is a Muso Qb and I use Roon most of the time. However, is it not the case that the Naim app displays artist/track information from Radio Paradise? At least it does for me!

Is Radio Paradise an isolated example, or is ‘Naim Radio’ something different altogether (a bit like like Roon Radio)?

I think you need a new platform streamer to get the benefit of them in HiDef, which is where the now-playing information is missing, but even on the legacy streamers you get three Naim stations in iradio these days, including Naim Radio.



It’s a digital radio station in its own right, playing tracks randomly from the Naim label.

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You can see what’s playing if you launch it in the browser, assuming it’s still functional this way.
Naim Radio Player | Naim Audio
Currently says “way down in the hole” by Barb Jungr but hasn’t changed so I think that link might be broken.

Ah - I should have realised that!

In fact, I actually have Naim Radio stored as a favourite in my Muso Qb, but nowadays listen more or less exclusively to Radio Paradise or Roon on my Qb. I must give Naim Radio a listen again in the near future.

Ah. Shazam doesn’t recognize everything unfortunately. Thanks!

Not surprised to be honest :roll_eyes:. Content is a little too obscure for Shazam I guess.


Thanks y’all

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