Naim Radio

I seem to have lost Naim radio. No icon and just says Connecting and then Stopped. Been quite a few hours now (and maybe a lot longer - I haven’t played it recently). Given the absence of any other posts, is it just me?

Maybe nobody listens to it, and who could blame them?


Hmmmm, I noticed this yesterday. I have it on as my default station and I thought something was up with the steamer as it had turned off. The favourites and presets are broken on my app though as well. Maybe linked? I hope its still available, good music to have on in the background while working.

Apart from Naim Radio gone missing, there is something wrong with iRadio in general. iRadio icon takes a long time to open the browse tree, the spinning wheel goes on for numbers of minutes. @Stevesky said on another post they are working on servers, maybe it’s that, I’ll check again tomorrow.

Harsh. :grin:



Our long serving Naim Radio shoutcast server died yesterday from a failed operating system hard drive. This means that Naim Radio 320K will be off the air while the server provider at the data centre brings it back to life.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Thanks for the update Steve.


Thanks for the update, is this server failure linked to the long period of spinning wheel I have when opening the iRadio icon (browse tree root)

Thanks Steve, I’m NDX so no standby.
But whatever, it all back to normal now, including Naim Radio, so I guess the new server coming on line was the fix.

All working again. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Thanks Steve sounds good.

Fair enough and each to their own, but its quite good even if not my main daily listen.

This morning I was receiving notifications on this thread about 3 channels: Naim Radio, Naim Classical and Naim Jazz. I was interested in the Naim Classical but the posts now seem to have disappeared and I can not trace any channels apart from Naim Radio.

Same here, wanted to track them down!

I noticed it was gone too and missed it. So nice to see a clear explanation like this in a community forum from a trusted source. Thank you! Glad it’s back, too.

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